Wednesday, October 16, 2013

OOTD: Two-faced weather


Top: Korea
Trench coat: Dazzlin
Jeans: Stylenanda
Shoes: Converse

Once again, Melbourne showed it's two-faced (four season's a day) weather, a windy 27 degrees.
So I decided to wear something that would allow my to breathe in the 27 degree heat, whilst keeping warm in the cold morning wind.
Also had an amazing lunch today at a place called 'Green Refectory', always thought it was called 'Illy' since it had a illy sign on the outside..

Due to the large number of customers, I knew their food was either cheap or delicious, or both!
 Here's my massive plate of lasagne which I couldn't finish, and for only $10 it was amazing! (especially the bread lol)

'til next time, bye~


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