Monday, September 30, 2013

Stylenanda Haul

 Just received my order from Stylenanda today, and thought I'd do a review on the items I got.

As, some of you may know, Stylenanda is like the Korean fashion craze right now, celebrities wear it and everyone is Stylenanda crazy~~

I was looking for jeans and overalls, since the ones in Australia are:
1. Too overpriced  $$$
2. Don't fit me (or they fit in the wrong places) 
3. People will know where you got as specific item from

The parcel came quite fast, ordered on the 21/9/13, got them 30/9/13 (took them a few days to collate the items and ship it out via EMS)
nicely packed

Since Asian sizes and clothes fit me like a glove coz im asian duh I knew to some extent that Stylenanda's fit would be perfect for me, so I ordered these few items:

Denim overalls (link)

Size: good, since it's a baggy fit
Price: $47.12USD cheap compared to the ones here which are $69.95+
Quality: Good


Slim waist jeans (high waisted) (link)

Size: Ah-may-zing, on the stretchy denim/jegging side (size 26)
Price: $39.41 USD on the cheap side for jeans
Quality: Seams are the best, especially the overlocking


Cream eyeliner (pink) (link)

Colour: Superb! love it! Great for when you wanna add a pop of colour to you eyes
Quality: Has a self sharpening end and only rubs off a bit once applied


Colour point watch (blue) (link)

Design: really cool with the elongated strap
Quality: great silicon but I wish the watch face was a bit bigger


Their shipping price is quite cheap considering how much the Australian shipping price is, and hey, you are getting your items shipped via EMS here with tracking :)

I noticed that my overalls and jeans weren't 'Stylenanda' branded but some other brand, but then again who cares when they fit well LOL

If you spend:
- $0-$100 = $20 shipping
- $101- $200 = $10 shipping
- $201+ = free shipping
I spent just over $100 so I only had to pay $10 for shipping (Y)
They also gave me a little 'thank you gift' which was a shimmery dusty pink nail polish :)

Overall, shopping at Stylenanda was a great experience, I want to put another order in now haha!



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