Wednesday, September 25, 2013

19 with wild animals

Recently, I turned 19 and only remembered that it was going to be my birthday a week or so before it #ageingproblems
So I didn't have time to plan anything...instead I partied with a few wild party animals.

Mr giraffe, Mrs elephant, Mr tiger, Ms zebra and Mr lion

I made this necklace the night before my birthday as a birthday from myself to myself #foreveralone
Got quite a lot of compliments from this piece, probably because of its uniqueness (probably also another reason why I hardly ever buy necklaces sold here in Australia, because their designs are

Btw, I got my inspiration from the dinosaur necklace by Spinns.
I originally wanted to create a dinosaur one but I couldn't find any suitable dinosaurs, there were either too big, too small or soft and squishy...

Hopefully, next year I'll remember when my own birthday is *sigh* and maybe celebrate with my to-be-found dinosaurrrr fwends :3



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