Thursday, June 13, 2013

Misty blue

Well hello holidays!  Already on my holidays when others are having their stressful exams kekeke #plusofbeingadesignstudent

Anyways, I was bored so I made a new necklace ever so casually, and I'm really proud of the end result, so here's what I came up with:

Love the colour of these beads which I spotted at Spotlight, a sort of soft matte misty ice blue. 
They do have some marks on them from transportation I guess, then again, for only $1 a strand what more could I ask for?

To keep this post in the blue theme, here are a few snaps from a city outing with the parents
Really hope Melbourne can preserve these beautiful gothic buildings forever and ever compared to modern buildings that are popping up everywhere and in the city which look revolting (so to who designed them) but they are disgusting, I like buildings where I feel like there's a history there and make me feel at peace, not ones which are wonky and assymetrical, and make me feel dizzy.
Let's take the new RMIT building 80 I think, went in it with my friend and OMG, am I in a maze or a university building? your walls and floors aren't straight but zig-zaggy wtf? 
Anyways, just my view on how I like my buildings :) (sounded like a architecture student here lol)

Here's a modern take instrument/water feature/ art... whatever you call it that I thought was cool at the National Gallery of Victoria.
The plates cling and clang with each other from the movement of water and sound like a chime!
Too blue for you? I am, since Melbourne is now showing its gloomy rainy winter weather D:

Hope the rain stops soon, and I hope you're all doing fine, bye~


  1. Gorgeous photos lovely. Hand made jewellery is something I've never attempted before, and yours is quite gorgeous. I guess DIY activities are fun to do over the holiday break too, haha. xx

    1. thanks! definitely try it out sometimes, it's heaps of fun :3


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