Friday, June 28, 2013

Japan: Day 13 - Harajuku again + Shinjuku nightlife

Sooooo behind on my Japan trip posts *cries*

Anyways, on day 13 which was also my last day in Japan, I decided to go to Harajuku again since I didn't have enough of the Harajuku-ness on my first trip, so here's a photodiary of that day:
freshly made chips!!
sneaky shot in Liz Lisa *dies of girlyness*
Bought a gigantic Rilakkuma from this toy wonderland :3

Now to Shinjuku's nightlife, so much more exciting than the nightlife what nightlife in Melbourne

squirrel tv?

This ends my last full day in Japan as I departed the next morning, so for the next post I'll blog about what I got in Japan I guess :)

Thanks for reading bye~ (・ω・)
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  1. Wah~ It looks like you had a fantastic trip! >u< So much fun~ Love all the photos you put up!

    Have a safe flight home~


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