Thursday, March 28, 2013

A bit of blue

 Jumper: Ingni
Leather shorts: Bugis Street (Singapore)
Tattoo tights & necklace: Ebay
Flats: Gazelle

Felt like a bit of blue for yesterday's outfit, and suprisingly two of my other uni friends were wearing blue, black and white too!  A coincidence? I guess so.

Today's the first day of my short 8 day (easter) holiday, so happy easter to everyone and enjoy all the scrumtious chocolate easter eggs and bunnies you get, I'll be eating my milk and dark chocolate ones happily and staying away from the white chocolate ones LOL since I'm not a big fan of white chocolate because it's too sweet for my tastebuds :)


  1. Seeing you wearing shorts, it makes me miss them! Winter is so long this year (in the other part of the world)
    And happy Easter! :D

    1. its getting colder here so I'll have to say goodbye to shorts soon T^T


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