Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Valedictory Dinner

Spent a fabulous night with everyone from my year level on our valedictory/graduation night, which was also a great night to top off saying goodbye to everyone (except there were no tears this time, as most of us had cried our eyes out a few hours beforehand at school after the countdown)
Unlike most schools and their valedictory/graduation dinners where they are dressed in school uniform to graduate, we had a less formal formal (if you get what I mean) and every girl dressed up again just like for our formal earlier this year.
Personally, I think that graduating whilst in school uniform would have been better, because we would be seen as a united group of students graduating from school (which would also have decreased the fuss about who's wearing what dress and blah blah girl problems)

back breaker!

Three course meal coming up!
I always eat before I go to formals because their food just doesn't fill me up....#forevereating
overly sweet passionfruit cheesecake
So happy to graduate together with these 170 or so girls~

Here's what I wore to valedictory:

 Dress: Jugeetta
Shoes: Wittner
Clutch: no brand
Jewelery: Baku

I dont have a close up photo of my face for that night, but here's what I used:

Thanks for reading! 
Stay safe everyone, 再见~


  1. awww you look so beautiful! Hope your journey in high school was a great one and have fun in college! I know what you mean about the food, it's usually not that great. We can't have a graduation dinner at my school since there's over 1500 of us in one grade >.< I wish we could though.

    1. Thanks lucy! aww what a shame! hope you have one this year :)

  2. you look beautiful! hope you had a blast in high school and best of luck this year in your new adventure at uni

    1. thank you so much steph! best luck to you too~

  3. you look so beautiful at your valedictory! love the ruffles on your dress and your hair :)

    Metallic Paws- New giveaway up on my blog!

  4. You look so cute! Love the dress and hair Lissy! :D

    1. aww thank you phuju, got quite a lot of compliments for it haha :)


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