Friday, January 11, 2013

'my mouth was on fire'

Finally went to the city yesterday and caught up with Megu, and for some odd reason time passed really slowly.
Our first stop was Pepper Lunch, they opened their first store in Melbourne just a few weeks ago and already there's the Pepper Lunch rave going on instagram and related sites.  I ordered their beef one, which came on a sizzling hot plate with half cooked meat which you have to cook yourself by stirring it around until it's all cooked.
But beware my friends, there's quite a lot of pepper, it made me eat heaps faster since it's so hot; my mouth was on fire literally since I'm not too good with spicy foods (apart from kimchi which I can handle in moderate amounts)

And we had some yummy strawberry shaved ice to cool down that peppery hotness, from Dessert Story
camwhore with food yo
Found my new favourite purikura machine at Photoplus, since Photoworld suddenly disappeared...This machine is exactly like the ones in Japan :3  Also won a free gift after playing a matching game at the end

Also picked up one of my favourite magazines (Popteen) and found another shop selling Popsister which has now been discontinued *cries* for only $7.  Hope they continue the Popsister series again sometime

My favourite pages out of the two magazines

And my ootd (need to clean my mirror ;w;)
Shirt: Zara
Shorts: Free Fusion (Target)
Flats: Wittner (not shown)
Bag: Perfume Inn

Love, lissy


  1. I be looking sexy and so do you. xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Oooh, pepper lunch, we have got a few branches here and everyone loves them! Aside me as the dishes taste just good on me. But a lot people loved them so much ;) your outfit is so cute, very pretty ;)

    1. It's getting quite popular now because of the new concept, thannks Janet :))

  3. Oo, Pepper Lunch is quite popular in Singapore. Funny, I just had the salmon pepper dish for lunch today! Hahaha.

    1. The salmon one sounds yummy, will try it out next time :)

  4. Oh my gosh, my mouth is wagering to try some. xD And magazines! >u< I'm going to pick some up after my exam next Monday. c:

  5. OMG that looks so good :D I wish they would open stores like that around here. That's so cool the machine had games you could play to win prizes! Hope there's great weather there :D the weather has been rainy and cold here >.<

    1. I bet they do have something similar in the US
      It's the first time I used a machine like that, definitely makes you wanna use the machine more haha
      It's okay, there's been a few really hot days where I nearly melted ;w; rug up then Lucy :)


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