Thursday, January 3, 2013

cat & cat

Started today off with an a.w.e.s.o.m.e parcel, the Ahcahcum Muchacha (あちゃちゅむ←→ムチャチャ) Spring & Summer mook I've been waiting ages for; the first time I saw it was in fashion magazines and online a few months ago, but I never had the time to hunt it down online due to my end of year exams.
But now the wait is over, as I have the mook and the two bags in my hot little hands (literally since today's 36 degrees *sweaty*)
I've never been a real fan of cats or kittens because most of them shed fur and whatnot, but with this whole cat pattern craze going around I began to like these feline animals more.  I really like how the bags from this mook look really realist (apart from having no fur, and being a flat object I am quite certain that I can freak a few people out with this cat-head bag/s)

can't get enought of the grumpy kitty bag :3
A few of my favourite pages from the mook
cats will always love their fish ( I love the fishy socks)
Even Alice in Wonderland designs!!

Must say that this is the best mook I'll ever own (so far).
Since this post has something to do with animals, I made a new friend today with this little birdy that came to visit me :)  Shall give this feathery friend a name once I decide on it, that's if she/he/it decides to visit me again......

Bye guys, stay safe!


  1. whuaaaa I love CAT too!!! I want the tote bag badly n_n it's soooo cute!

    1. I squealed a bit when I got it haha, try finding it on Japanese auction sites :)

  2. eeee those two bags came from a mook? NO WAY. they're so cuteeeeeee

    1. yes! it's amazing quality for a mook gift :3


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