Tuesday, January 29, 2013

At peace

Currently in Taiwan now, and I'm loving every bit of Taiwan (including the rubbish trucks that play music whilst doing their job).
Here's a picture of a place I went to today, absolutely a breath taking view.

Typing in our hotel with unlimited data usage thanks to chunghwa telecom haha, bye ~

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Flying off

I'll be flying off from Australia in a few hours time for a short holiday to Singapore and Taiwan, so excited!!  I've never been to Singapore (hope I don't get fined for breaking one of their many laws and regulations) and I can't wait to go back to Taiwan!
Please wait for me until I get back in around two weeks time.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Valedictory Dinner

Spent a fabulous night with everyone from my year level on our valedictory/graduation night, which was also a great night to top off saying goodbye to everyone (except there were no tears this time, as most of us had cried our eyes out a few hours beforehand at school after the countdown)
Unlike most schools and their valedictory/graduation dinners where they are dressed in school uniform to graduate, we had a less formal formal (if you get what I mean) and every girl dressed up again just like for our formal earlier this year.
Personally, I think that graduating whilst in school uniform would have been better, because we would be seen as a united group of students graduating from school (which would also have decreased the fuss about who's wearing what dress and blah blah girl problems)

back breaker!

Three course meal coming up!
I always eat before I go to formals because their food just doesn't fill me up....#forevereating
overly sweet passionfruit cheesecake
So happy to graduate together with these 170 or so girls~

Here's what I wore to valedictory:

 Dress: Jugeetta
Shoes: Wittner
Clutch: no brand
Jewelery: Baku

I dont have a close up photo of my face for that night, but here's what I used:

Thanks for reading! 
Stay safe everyone, 再见~

Friday, January 11, 2013

Shirokuma Cafe love

New obsession: Shirokuma Cafe (Polar Bear Cafe)
Been loving this anime ever since Megu introduced me to it, staring a polar bear who runs a cafe, a panda who works part-time at a zoo being a panda, and a emperor penguin who has trouble confessing his love to a female penguin Penko.
I'm a sucker for cute animals, so if you're like me, I guarantee you that you'll like this anime
Feel free to check it out here

'my mouth was on fire'

Finally went to the city yesterday and caught up with Megu, and for some odd reason time passed really slowly.
Our first stop was Pepper Lunch, they opened their first store in Melbourne just a few weeks ago and already there's the Pepper Lunch rave going on instagram and related sites.  I ordered their beef one, which came on a sizzling hot plate with half cooked meat which you have to cook yourself by stirring it around until it's all cooked.
But beware my friends, there's quite a lot of pepper, it made me eat heaps faster since it's so hot; my mouth was on fire literally since I'm not too good with spicy foods (apart from kimchi which I can handle in moderate amounts)

And we had some yummy strawberry shaved ice to cool down that peppery hotness, from Dessert Story
camwhore with food yo
Found my new favourite purikura machine at Photoplus, since Photoworld suddenly disappeared...This machine is exactly like the ones in Japan :3  Also won a free gift after playing a matching game at the end

Also picked up one of my favourite magazines (Popteen) and found another shop selling Popsister which has now been discontinued *cries* for only $7.  Hope they continue the Popsister series again sometime

My favourite pages out of the two magazines

And my ootd (need to clean my mirror ;w;)
Shirt: Zara
Shorts: Free Fusion (Target)
Flats: Wittner (not shown)
Bag: Perfume Inn

Love, lissy

Japan: Day 12 - Shibuya again + nightlife *pic heavy*

Since I didn't get enought of Shibuya on my first day there because I was quite tired from our nightbus ride.  So we decided to explore the streets of Shibuya again, this post will concentrate on the streets of Shibuya.

What caught my eye was the advertisement for the debuting band 'Sexy Zone', seriously?  There was also some new band called 'Kiss my foot' or something... interesting
even One Piece batteries!
inside WC
Shibuya nightlife, a real LED-lit city
cigarette vending machines, where are your anti-smoking ads Japan?
any 2AM fans out there?
cute puppy bus

'Til next time, byee~

Thursday, January 3, 2013

cat & cat

Started today off with an a.w.e.s.o.m.e parcel, the Ahcahcum Muchacha (あちゃちゅむ←→ムチャチャ) Spring & Summer mook I've been waiting ages for; the first time I saw it was in fashion magazines and online a few months ago, but I never had the time to hunt it down online due to my end of year exams.
But now the wait is over, as I have the mook and the two bags in my hot little hands (literally since today's 36 degrees *sweaty*)
I've never been a real fan of cats or kittens because most of them shed fur and whatnot, but with this whole cat pattern craze going around I began to like these feline animals more.  I really like how the bags from this mook look really realist (apart from having no fur, and being a flat object I am quite certain that I can freak a few people out with this cat-head bag/s)

can't get enought of the grumpy kitty bag :3
A few of my favourite pages from the mook
cats will always love their fish ( I love the fishy socks)
Even Alice in Wonderland designs!!

Must say that this is the best mook I'll ever own (so far).
Since this post has something to do with animals, I made a new friend today with this little birdy that came to visit me :)  Shall give this feathery friend a name once I decide on it, that's if she/he/it decides to visit me again......

Bye guys, stay safe!
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