Monday, December 16, 2013

Giveaway winner

Thank you to everyone that entered my two year giveaway, now the winner of this giveaway goes to:

Jenny Li

Congratulations! I will email you shortly for your mailing address :)

Monday, December 2, 2013

Two Year Blog Anniversary Giveaway!! (open internationally)

I'm back!
And here's the long awaited giveaway post you've been waiting for.  Since it's also nearly Christmas, this also counts as a Christmas present giveaway as I'll be sending them before Christmas :)
A big thanks to all my followers, as I have finally reached 100+!

So, when does this giveaway end? On December 15th 2013 at 12.00am (EST)
The winner will then be annouced via email the following day, I'll be using Rafflecopter to run the entries and nothing in this giveaway is sponsored, so you don't need to worry about gimmicks

Once again, this giveaway is international so anyone can enter

What's in this giveaway?
- 1 My Beauty Diary Japanese Cherry Blossom Mask
- 1 packet of lashes
- 1 Missha tinted lip balm (CR01 - Scarlet Coral)
- 1 Stylenanda 3CE nail polish (PK06)
- 1 pink hair clip
- 1 Anna Sui inspired mirror
- 1 diamond shape earrings
- 1 leopard print bunny ear earphone plug
- 1 pair of GEO Xtra contact lens (P0.00 WT-A14 Brown, 100% authentic)
- 1 Maybelline BB cream sample

I'll also be including a mystery prize for the winner :)

 Now on to the simple rules:
- You must be a public follower of my blog via GFC (Googgle Friend Connect)
- Use Rafflecopter below to enter yourself into the giveaway, otherwise you will not be counted

And don't bother cheating, because I'll be checking every single entry!!
Good luck to everyone! •◡•

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, November 7, 2013

OOTD: Simple Celine

Top: Taobao
Jacket: Dior replica
Pants: Portmans
Shoes: Magy
Necklace: Lovisa

Just a very simple outfit I wore to go fabric shopping the other day

Got my feedback for one of my classes today, and I did really well :)  
Can't wait to go back for second year!

Should find a retail job for these holidays, otherwise I'll just be spending my time at home making clothes for myself haha

Do you guys have anything planned?


Monday, November 4, 2013

OOTD: Drape and black

 Dress: Made by yours truly :)
Jacket: Dior replica
Pants: Taobao
Bag: Perfume Inn
Boots: Mollini
Accessories: Taobao and Swatch

Today's outfit featured my latest creation, a really simple drape dress.
Got quite a lot a stares today, maybe because of the drapey-ness or because I was wearing a dress over pants, or even because I wore too much black....anyways fashion is self expression isn't it?

Holidays just started for me apart from a few feedback sessions, but yay I get to sleep in more :3

Have you guys had anyone look at what you were wearing?

And good luck to those with vce and university exams *fighting :)


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

OOTD: Two-faced weather


Top: Korea
Trench coat: Dazzlin
Jeans: Stylenanda
Shoes: Converse

Once again, Melbourne showed it's two-faced (four season's a day) weather, a windy 27 degrees.
So I decided to wear something that would allow my to breathe in the 27 degree heat, whilst keeping warm in the cold morning wind.
Also had an amazing lunch today at a place called 'Green Refectory', always thought it was called 'Illy' since it had a illy sign on the outside..

Due to the large number of customers, I knew their food was either cheap or delicious, or both!
 Here's my massive plate of lasagne which I couldn't finish, and for only $10 it was amazing! (especially the bread lol)

'til next time, bye~

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

OOTD: Be my 'Muse'

 Top: Emoda - 'Muse de la meson'
Jacket: Dior replica
Jeans: Stylenanda (reviewed in previous post)
Flats: JD collection
Watch: Malaysia

What I wore today in the warm 28 degree weather, mind you it was very windy so no skirts and a light jacket to combat the wind.
Think I quite like this way of doing ootd's, very short and simple.
I'll do my best to keep them up :))

Lissy xx

Monday, September 30, 2013

Stylenanda Haul

 Just received my order from Stylenanda today, and thought I'd do a review on the items I got.

As, some of you may know, Stylenanda is like the Korean fashion craze right now, celebrities wear it and everyone is Stylenanda crazy~~

I was looking for jeans and overalls, since the ones in Australia are:
1. Too overpriced  $$$
2. Don't fit me (or they fit in the wrong places) 
3. People will know where you got as specific item from

The parcel came quite fast, ordered on the 21/9/13, got them 30/9/13 (took them a few days to collate the items and ship it out via EMS)
nicely packed

Since Asian sizes and clothes fit me like a glove coz im asian duh I knew to some extent that Stylenanda's fit would be perfect for me, so I ordered these few items:

Denim overalls (link)

Size: good, since it's a baggy fit
Price: $47.12USD cheap compared to the ones here which are $69.95+
Quality: Good


Slim waist jeans (high waisted) (link)

Size: Ah-may-zing, on the stretchy denim/jegging side (size 26)
Price: $39.41 USD on the cheap side for jeans
Quality: Seams are the best, especially the overlocking


Cream eyeliner (pink) (link)

Colour: Superb! love it! Great for when you wanna add a pop of colour to you eyes
Quality: Has a self sharpening end and only rubs off a bit once applied


Colour point watch (blue) (link)

Design: really cool with the elongated strap
Quality: great silicon but I wish the watch face was a bit bigger


Their shipping price is quite cheap considering how much the Australian shipping price is, and hey, you are getting your items shipped via EMS here with tracking :)

I noticed that my overalls and jeans weren't 'Stylenanda' branded but some other brand, but then again who cares when they fit well LOL

If you spend:
- $0-$100 = $20 shipping
- $101- $200 = $10 shipping
- $201+ = free shipping
I spent just over $100 so I only had to pay $10 for shipping (Y)
They also gave me a little 'thank you gift' which was a shimmery dusty pink nail polish :)

Overall, shopping at Stylenanda was a great experience, I want to put another order in now haha!


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

19 with wild animals

Recently, I turned 19 and only remembered that it was going to be my birthday a week or so before it #ageingproblems
So I didn't have time to plan anything...instead I partied with a few wild party animals.

Mr giraffe, Mrs elephant, Mr tiger, Ms zebra and Mr lion

I made this necklace the night before my birthday as a birthday from myself to myself #foreveralone
Got quite a lot of compliments from this piece, probably because of its uniqueness (probably also another reason why I hardly ever buy necklaces sold here in Australia, because their designs are

Btw, I got my inspiration from the dinosaur necklace by Spinns.
I originally wanted to create a dinosaur one but I couldn't find any suitable dinosaurs, there were either too big, too small or soft and squishy...

Hopefully, next year I'll remember when my own birthday is *sigh* and maybe celebrate with my to-be-found dinosaurrrr fwends :3


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Review: Revlon Colourstay Just Kissable Balm Stain (Romantic)

Finally hopped on the balm/lip stain bandwagon *sigh*
Since I naturally have quite red lips I thought that getting a lip stain wouldn't have that much of an effect on my lips, but boy was I wrong.
And thanks to Priceline having a $10 sale on these, I managed to grab a red one (Romantic) in the last few days of the sale.

Love how build-able the colour is since I only put very light coats on! 
It's also very moisturising and smooth without the sticky feeling to it +1

Just simply 'draw' on your lips with this lip crayon and voila your lips are transformed, since its a crayon/pencil type of tip it's very easy to control (I'm not too good with lipsticks and tend to draw outside my lip line...)

Overall, I think this product deserves a 5/5 for the quality, price and what it achieves :))

'Til next time,
P.S. have quite a lot of assignments, but I'll do my best to make posts now and then, and most importantly get my giveaway ready!!!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cat got your ear?

Current favourite earrings featuring the black cat
Again, I got this from Taobao for a really cheap price - here (but they're out of the black)
Go quite a lot of stares and comments the day I wore these :3
Even though I'm not much of a bracelet, rings and necklace girl, I think I'm definitely an earrings girl with a crazy obsession for strange quirky earrings.


Here's the rest of my outfit for that day (I'm not a crazy cat lady):

Jumper: Twotwo
Pants: Taobao
Scarf: Taobao
Earrings: Rowky

'Til next time, bye~
P.S. currently buying bits and pieces for my giveaway, so stay tuned :)

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Sunny side up

Melbourne finally decided to show its sunny side, after a few gloomy winter weeks...
And I noticed that the jumper I wore today some how mirrors todays weather.
I know that my jumper is meant to resemble a bunch of daisy flowers, but hey, sunny side up eggs anyone? haha no pun intended

Jumper: Taobao
Pants: Taobao
Watch: Swatch
Scarf: Taobao
Boots (not shown): Mollini

Yeah, pretty much everything I'm wearing is from Taobao haha
Should I do a Taobao haul post?  Let me know below :)

Until my next post,
Lissy x

Friday, July 5, 2013

Japan haul

Finally done with my posts from Japan trip *phew*
And here's most of what I managed to get from Japan :3

Tops: from Shibuya 109, WC, Ingni, Liz Lisa, Liz Lisa Doll, Tralala, Vanilla, Honeys etc.

Outers: Vanilla and Honey Bunch

Bottoms: Uniqlo, Honeys, Shake Shake, Rose Fan Fan
DisneySea goodies

Kiddyland gets

Swimmer gets

Beauty products

And yes I did use up a few vacuum air bags to pack all this into the few bags and suitcases.
Boy, do I miss shopping in Japan *cries* 

That's it for now~ next up will be my Taiwan trip posts, so stay tuned for that :)


Friday, June 28, 2013

Thank you!

Just noticed that I reached 110 followers via GFC! YAYY
Thank you everyone!

Can't believe I've passed 100 followers by rambling on about my life and what not
I've decided to......
Hold another GIVEAWAY to celebrate reaching 100+ followers 谢谢!

Japan: Day 13 - Harajuku again + Shinjuku nightlife

Sooooo behind on my Japan trip posts *cries*

Anyways, on day 13 which was also my last day in Japan, I decided to go to Harajuku again since I didn't have enough of the Harajuku-ness on my first trip, so here's a photodiary of that day:
freshly made chips!!
sneaky shot in Liz Lisa *dies of girlyness*
Bought a gigantic Rilakkuma from this toy wonderland :3

Now to Shinjuku's nightlife, so much more exciting than the nightlife what nightlife in Melbourne

squirrel tv?

This ends my last full day in Japan as I departed the next morning, so for the next post I'll blog about what I got in Japan I guess :)

Thanks for reading bye~ (・ω・)
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Monday, June 24, 2013

Moving to bloglovin

Hey guys, I have a feeling that most of you have heard that Google is shutting down Google Friend Connect (GFC) as of next month, say what?!
Therefore, if you're following my blog via GFC you won't be able to read my new posts as of July 1st *cries*

So please follow me again via bloglovin by clicking on the button below, so I dont lose you all!
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And I'll do my best to make this a better blog in these next few months :)
thanks for all your support~

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Misty blue

Well hello holidays!  Already on my holidays when others are having their stressful exams kekeke #plusofbeingadesignstudent

Anyways, I was bored so I made a new necklace ever so casually, and I'm really proud of the end result, so here's what I came up with:

Love the colour of these beads which I spotted at Spotlight, a sort of soft matte misty ice blue. 
They do have some marks on them from transportation I guess, then again, for only $1 a strand what more could I ask for?

To keep this post in the blue theme, here are a few snaps from a city outing with the parents
Really hope Melbourne can preserve these beautiful gothic buildings forever and ever compared to modern buildings that are popping up everywhere and in the city which look revolting (so to who designed them) but they are disgusting, I like buildings where I feel like there's a history there and make me feel at peace, not ones which are wonky and assymetrical, and make me feel dizzy.
Let's take the new RMIT building 80 I think, went in it with my friend and OMG, am I in a maze or a university building? your walls and floors aren't straight but zig-zaggy wtf? 
Anyways, just my view on how I like my buildings :) (sounded like a architecture student here lol)

Here's a modern take instrument/water feature/ art... whatever you call it that I thought was cool at the National Gallery of Victoria.
The plates cling and clang with each other from the movement of water and sound like a chime!
Too blue for you? I am, since Melbourne is now showing its gloomy rainy winter weather D:

Hope the rain stops soon, and I hope you're all doing fine, bye~
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