Thursday, December 6, 2012


Waiting....for my ATAR results (VCE year 12 results) to come out, and my result from my interview with RMIT regarding fashion design as I was one of the 200+ who were shortlisted from the 1000+ who applied for the fashion course.
I thought that most of the applicants would be around the same age as me, but as we were waiting for our interviews, one girl or should I say lady said she graduated from high school 6 years ago wow and she was applying for the same course as me :O
I was also admitted into the interview room 1 hour after my scheduled time, luckily I didn't have anything too important (other than a dentist appointment which I made just in time), but in the 15-20 minutes I had for the interview, I think I did okay even though my voice was shaky...but all went well especially when the two interviewers asked what I liked doing and I tolod them I like playing my guzheng (Chinese harp?) which made their eyes light up, literally, they also ooo-ed as well

Anyways, this is what I wore to the interview
Shirt: As Known As Pinky
Cardigan: WC
Jeans: Uniqlo
Oxfords: Urban Soul

Should go back to cleaning up this colourful mess that I've created in the past few days, coloured pencils everywhere

Since I have nothing to do for now, but wait, I have started looking for casual/part-time/christmas jobs and I hope someone hires moi with the 10+ resumes I have sent out to random places ٩(๑❛ʚ❛๑)۶

Stay safe everyone! Bye 
P.S Another muck up day post will most likely be up by tomorrow

So happy that S.H.E are back with a new album after Selina was released from hospital due to burns from an accident that happened whilst filming in China, 希望Selina姐快快恢复哦~


  1. Wow, that amazing that you can play guzheng. I've always wanted to learn that. Your sketch is cute ^^ and I'm also glad that Selina is back again! 亚洲女子团体再次合体~~ 万岁~~

    1. thank you! you should learn it too :)


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