Friday, December 7, 2012

Muck Up Day no.2

On this day, it's a tradition in our school to chop up our uniforms and make them into something else, each group with a different theme or dress up.
From first thoughts of 'german barmaids' which we thought were probably too 'slutty' or most likely taken by some other group (which did happen in the end), we decided to gnome it up with shortalls, pointy red felt hats, and our choice of props (I chose a fishing rod whilst others chose garden tools or a ukelele).  I think our group has something to do with gnomes; from gnome singlets and ceremic gnome statues (which we each have), I must say we really are gnome-ing it up
This muck up day we had a range of dressups: eskimos, playboys bunnies, cheerleaders, barmaids, red riding hoods,  cowgirls, nurses, Harajuku girls, Alice in Wonderland, scarecrows, and pirates just to name a few, not to forget those garden features - le gnomes.
hanging with my gnomies
rounder with the teachers anyone?
With my little sisters: my little year 7 buddy Rachel, Li-ju, Tracey and Alissa

A fun last day at school was well spent, but it would not have been accomplished without the hardwork each groupd put in to making their individial costumes.  For us, it was a day by the sewing machine, sewing away which made us sew happy hehe.

Next post will be about my valedictory dinner (graduation dinner)
Until next time :)


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