Friday, December 21, 2012

Japan: Day 9 - Tokyo (Shibuya) *pic heavy*

Finally arrived in Tokyo, the prefecture with the best shopping places ever! Ahh I just wanna go back there, okay a bit off track.. but after we arrived in Tokyo after our night bus ride (at around 6-7am) even though I was still half asleep and the cold weather made me even sleepier, the thought that I was in shopping-paradise woke me up instantly.  After checking into our hotel, mum and I took the train to Shibuya from Shinjuku and started our first day of shopping in Tokyo.

Hachi decorated for new years
First stop, le famous Mr Hachi/Hachiko (statue) which is right in front of Shibuya station!  Such a loyal beautiful akita-inu, you can read more about how he became a famous doggy from being tremendously loyal to his owner (even many years after his owner's death too) here.  There was even a movie made about Hachi called 'A Dog's Tale' if any of you are interested.
Shibuya 109!
The building of all building for girls, the countless hours I spent inside this wonderful 9 storey building filled with your popular gyaru brands each with their brands individual style.  They also have building for guys called 109-mens where all the fashionable guys go which is a street or so away.

waiting for 109 to open
Sadly no pictures are allowed inside here like many other stores, and I didn't want to be sneaky or get told off with some Japanese phrase which I won't be able to understand, so no pictures of the wonderful stores inside, sorry.

A sneaky picture of Double C / WC/ Wakatsuki Chinatsu, a better picture will come but mr policeman didn't look too happy when I took this picture :S

The famous Shibuya scramble

By noon they had changed the poster on Shibuya 109 from after school advertising 109's one week bargain to Dollywink with Tsu-chan and her new false eyelashes

Discovered my love for ramen in Japan, no idea what makes them so delicious, maybe the miso soup accompanied with the ramen or the ume/pickle or the mini side dishes that came with ramens (mostly ramen sets) but I'm pretty sure I increased my eating speed from the tortoise speed which I usually am.  Oh ramen please appear in front of my eyes now *grumbles*

Now onto my haul for the day:
WC gets, kuma-tan you so cute ^^

everything was 50% of (I think) at the Tralala store which also sold Liz Lisa Doll
These Liz Lisa items were an impulse buy because they were having some discount campaign, so if I can remember each piece was reduced to around 4500yen. 
Even though I'm no longer really into the girly style, mum persuaded me to, still haven't worn the dress or jumper out, but the jacket it now one of my to-go casual jackets since it's so soft and warm along with 'Liz Lisa' printed on the back.

I'll finish off with a night shot of Shinjuku where we stayed



  1. Wahh~ Super jealous of your trip! o:

    I've always loved ramen. >u<
    And that Liz Lisa dress looks so pretty! >u< You should wear it sometime~ c:

    1. craving ramen now!
      I probably will since it's warmer now :)

  2. You are not "really" into the girly style anymore??? Then what are you wearing??? I cannot fathom this! xxxxxxxxxx

  3. wow, i didn't know they don't like you taking pictures inside the store.
    your liz lisa dress is so beautiful ♥

    1. I heard it somewhere before, but you can always take sneaky shots :)

  4. hope somday i can go there too...going to Japan has always been my dream!!!

    1. time to save up then, hope your dream comes true ~


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