Monday, December 3, 2012

Japan: Day 8 - Last day in Kyoto and Night bus to Tokyo

On a roll with my Japan trip posts now~  okay, so on to my last day in Kyoto the beautiful traditional city which was once the imperial capital of Japan.
For my last day in Kyoto, Emma took us to a highly recommended restaurant by her mum's co-workers.  Sadly I forgot what the restaurant was called, and didn't take a photo of it either (probably a bit sleepy) so I appologise for not being able to tell you which one it is, but I'm sure there are plenty more similar traditional-style restaurants around Japan :)
We each ordered a lunch set which were only around 1500円 each and suprisingly cheap for their quality, service and environment.  Mum and I both ordered this beef croquette thing, and Emma ordered this sashimi one.  The tempura with the sashimi set looked amazing, but I don't eat raw fish so there wasn't much point in getting it.  
Just the idea of eating a piece of raw fish meat just disgusts me, so I didn't have any sashimi in Japan, some of you may think I'm stupid for not having any amazing fresh raw fish in the land-of-sushi, but that's the way I roll, call me a picky eater if you want (and I'm not a big fan of heavily flavoured dishes either)
beef croquette set
sashimi set
What made this restaurant different was that it was a traditional restaurant from the seating to interior design. At first I thought we had to sit cross-legged which would make my legs numb after long periods of sitting, but, the had a deep heated gap under the table where you could put your legs and make it look like you're sitting the proper way *cheat* whilst keeping your footsies warm

Must say that that restaurant's food was very pleasing for my stomach, and their miso soup was the red miso soup which was described by Emma as the more expensive flavoursome type of miso soup.

We then departed at the train station and went our own ways, as Emma had to get ready for her new school term and I had to prepare for my night bus ride to Tokyo.  I hope I can still catch up with her next time I go back to Japan :)

With the many night bus services that are provided around Japan, mum and I chose Willer's as it was recommeneded by my hairstylist Yoshi-san.  We could've caught the shinkasen to Tokyo but that would've costed around $150 each person each way (I think), and its more sensible to travel from one city to the other at night, and wake up in the morning at your new city, and even catch a glimpse of the sunrise too.
awesome pink bus!
comfy seats and a hood thing
storage space
And when we woke up, we arrived in front of Shinjuku station, Tokyo after a very comfy night ride.  It was a very chilly foggy winter morning, and I was still somewhat half asleep when we got off the bus, so no sunrise/morning pictures of Shinjuku ;w;

After this post, it'll be about the places I visited in Tokyo such as Harajuku, Shibuya and Shinjuku so please wait for that.
Thanks for reading, bye~


  1. I've never been to Japan, would definitely love to go one day! Aw, shame about raw fish! I love sashimi but there's always different try out in Japan which isn't raw, hahaha. x

    1. Definitely go someday! haha yeah so I just ate the large variety foods they have other than raw fish :)

  2. wow, they serve the dishes really pretty! Its like a piece of art!! loved it ^_~

    1. food art! and because they're all in different little bowls, you just wanna try each and every one of them :3

  3. ugh i miss japan so much!! that food looks amazing. i lvoe japanese salads. their dressings are the best. and those seats are so cuuute! you're making me so jealous right now. i haven't gone back in a year :( i hope you have the best time :)

    1. I miss Japan too! I'll be sharing more about my trip :)


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