Monday, December 24, 2012

Japan: Day 11 - Tokyo DisneySea *very pic heavy*


I will always be a kid at heart with my love for Disney's creations especially Mickey and Minnie mouse, song and dance, and cartoon characters.  What more could one ask for than Disney Land or Disney Sea (Japan has both)?
Since I've already been to 2 Disney Land's (California and Hong Kong) I decided to go with Tokyo Disney Sea as it only exists in Japan and is designed for an older audience with scarier and faster rides, as opposed to your usual teacup ride type of rides in Disney Land which are aimed at little kiddies.

Because I'm a foreigner, I somehow got a discount on my entrance fee when I showed them my passport, and got in for only 4300yen instead of the usual 5300yen!  So go show off your foreign passport to get a discount (even if you don't get a discount, show them you're special) :)

From riding the Disney resort line which took us from the nearest train station to each of the themed park entrances, you could feel as if you were on wonderland already! 
With the adorable mickey themed trains and buildings fit for a king arriving at my wonderland for the day (Disney Sea) sure wasn't too far away~

Say hello to Mickey, the magician?  Who brought joy to all the audience with his show 'Be Magical'.  Had the song stuck in my head for the whole day, must be magical haha

Winnie pooh and his gang :)

with Thumper and my leopard Minnie beanie
Mediterranean Harbour
This lady had a serious Shellie May and Duffy (and Pluto) obsession, just look at all of them on her bag!

Part of my lunch was this gyoza sausage bun which is only sold at Disney Sea, its really just a long asian meat bun

Went on this ride called 'Aquatopia' it's not like bumper cars where you control your own car, each car/boat is computered to run along a specific track so there are no crashs and makes it more exciting since you have no idea where you're going

Then my feet somehow brought me back to the early 20th century America, wait is this still DisneySea?  Yes, the American Waterfront themed port, which brings back memories of some alleyways in New York when I went there nearly 6 years ago.

Down on the American Waterfront we watched a new show 'A Table is Waiting', it was freezing cold when I watched it I could feel my lips turning purple ;w;

'hola amigos' - Chip and Dale
sausage lips ;)
curry duck
Japanese Goofy
nawwww the cutest couple ever

After 'A Table is Waiting' I then watched 'Big Band Beat' which is a really popular braodway show with jazz music and lots of tap dancing, not to mention Mickey on the drums!  Sadly no cameras were allowed inside, so I don't have pictures from the show..
After 'Big Band Beat' ended one of the best days spent in Tokyo, along with Mickey's magic my day was astounding!
I love you Tokyo DisneySea ~


  1. waah I've always wanted to go to TDL~!! thanks for sharing the photos :D and I didn't know about the 1000yen off for foreigner, thanks!

  2. i wanna go :( it looks so fun. hk disneyland has nothing on that *jelly.

    1. yeah, the hong kong one is tiny! disneysea is definitely better than disneyland :3


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