Thursday, December 27, 2012

Boxing Day gets

Note to self:  Do not go to Chadstone next year for boxing day sales due to the following reasons:
  1. Finding a parking spot is (nearly) impossible
  2. There's way too many people, 真的是'人山人海'
  3. If your size is a popular amongst others, you'll either be left with stock thats not something you like or one with a defect or even something that's a few sizes too big for you
  4. The things you want are sold out, so you will be disappointed
So next year (if I go) I'll be going to the city for boxing day sales, goodbye busy Chadstone ~

Anyways the fussy me did manage to get something from the sales. 
Found this beautiful bring floral shirt from Zara which was reduced to only $49.95!  And got a pair of white Sony headphones which were only $27 from the original $40 at JB Hifi, I was planning to get these Urban Ears ones from Myer for $80 but I didn't think it was worth it
when worn

Glad I survived this mess of eager customers

Only 4 days until we say hello to 2013, bye~


  1. the top is really pretty!! Wow, that's a bunch of people indeed~ Glad that you were able to survive the "people mountain, people sea" lolz, at least you got to grab that lovely top! ^_~

    1. Glad someone else likes the top too, haha yes 'people mountain people sea' :P

  2. What a gorgeous top! And can definitely understand the 人山人海。。 it's definitely representative of Singapore. So many people! Especially on the weekends!

    1. I can imagine Singapore being really busy, thanks :)


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