Thursday, November 29, 2012


Shortlisted for fashion design at RMIT ohemgee what is this?!??!
Thought none of the senior staff would've like my crazy designs, but looks like I was wrong, they like the designs that I drew when I was probably still half asleep when my design exercise/test was 8.30am, which lasted for 2 hours.

GAHHH still can't believe this! Must get my folio ready which is currently just bits and pieces of random fashion sketches and one of my Visual Communication folios that is fashion related, but it happens to be a gumboot/galosh, guess you can always be fashionable in rainy weather right?

A bit hyped up and jumpy now, so if you feel a slight earthquake it's probably me partying away in my room by myself, so please excuse me *.。(๑・∀・๑)*.。

'Til next time, bye!


  1. Congratulations! Best feeling ever hey? xxxxxx

    1. thank you, but only if I actually get in then I will be over the hills! x

  2. Congrats lovely! I hope you get your dream course, hehehe.

  3. Wow congratulations! Good luck for the folio presentation :) You should share some of your designs :D


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