Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pre-Muck Up Days

Hey guys, I'm not officially back from my hiatus, but I have a week's break before my next exam so I thought it would be good to update with a post during this time.

For those of you who don't know, 'Muck Up' day or week is when year 12 students who are in their final year of high school set up pranks and other activities on their week or days of school.  Our school only allowed us to have two days of muck up day so the number of things we could do to our school was limited, however we had a free dress day the school day before our official muck up day started so it was a chance to get a few things started :)

Just a few rules I made up for muck up day/s:
Rule number one: do not start all the activities all at once, start from minuscule things and increase in size and effectiveness.

'Take what you need' passes that were distributed around the school, because I go to a girls school, the above 'passes' are appropriate eg. cramps sports pass, longer skirt/dress pass, cake-face removal.  There was also a 'one direction immunisation' which is thought was pretty funny

Second rule: do not damage school property but make it annoying for others
'Watch your back' on the bathroom mirrors
excuse the runners, it was a primary school dress up day
Make it difficult for those who annoy you, such as those year 9's and 10's who hog the bathroom mirrors everyday after school for a good 30 minutes to reapply their orange cake-faces with more orange-ness, before meeting up with da bois from neighbouring schools...

Rule three:  Make a big impact without doing much
blocking the B block building stairs, mission complete
Trapped those year 9's so it made it impossible for them to get to their lockers at the end of lunch, on both side of the building too!  Just sat and chilled whilst we watched the faces of those middle school kids go  \( ・д・)/ mwahaha.  Also increased the effectiveness of the prank by completing a marathon around the school with around 120 other year 12 girls by screaming and running which freaked a lot of girls out *score*

Rule four:  Suprise teachers, this step may include ambushing the staff room..

free dress day (HP) in the staff room
On two seperate days we ambushed the staff room (by informing the co-ordinator first so we wouldn't get into trouble) and gave out detentions to teachers, made ourselves at home with a nice coffee, and stole quite a lot icypoles from their fridge (❛▿❛)

However, suprising teachers may end up with being paid back the following day

Rule five:  Time for payback, or you could always give them a nicely wrapped present :)
Someone wrapped up the vice principle's car (I think) in glad wrap, always good to have some extra protection whilst on the road :)

Rule seven:  Just have fun! (but don't injure anyone)
Our school decided to join up with the guys from Camberwell with a water fight after school with water guns and water balloons, however some girls chickened out at the last minute once they heard that there would be 80 or so guys... so only around 50 of us had to tackle them, impossible.  Being immature badasses they didn't just chuck water balloons but also sausages, tomatoes, apples, and hard-boiled eggs. who said it was a food fight?!?  Oh, and I was hit in the jaw with an unbreakable raw tomato, whilst my friend was hit in the chest with an apple ugh those bastards (ㆆ﹏ㆆ)
So we did end up losing the water fight, what can I say of course they would've won, but it was still really fun as one of the last days of school ʕ•͡ω•ʔ

That's it for now, should be studying for my business management and geography exams which are next week, and then high school would be officially over!! Wait for the next few posts which will be about muck up days and my valedictory dinner, up after my exams that is :)) toodles~


  1. Oh boys. Very immature. Throwing apples and tomatoes around? Seriously? That's incredibly sad. Good on you girls for not sinking down to their level. Hahaha.

    1. haha yes, it would've been better without all the food flying around

  2. What is this? It looks like
    a war inside your school!
    I like the blocking the
    stairway prank :P


    1. it's when students who are in their last year of high school play pranks on their school, which I explained above
      that's my favourite prank too :D

  3. Replies
    1. haha yes my school has a fetish for coloured sofas, we have orange, purple, red, green and black :)

  4. Haha that sounds so fun! Our school muckup day also consisted of being mean to the year 8's and 9's ψ(`∇´)ψ

    1. haha yes! that's exactly what we did for the whole week, plus the ones on the 'hitlist'

  5. That looks like so much fun! My school has a senior tradition that is the same, but we totally screwed up. We set up a party scene with fake beer pong and vomit all over the place, but then the cleaning staff cleared everything before people arrived to school the next day.. T__T fail. Yours was way more successful.

    1. We weren't allowed to do anything that damaged the school property, so we couldn't do anything like that, but I bet yours wouldv'e been great if the janitors didn't clean it up :) thanks tori~


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