Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Japan: Day 7 - Kobe + okonomiyaki + Chinatown *pic heavy*

Sorry for deglecting my Japan trip posts for sometime now ;w;
On my 7th day in Japan Emma took us to Kobe which is Japan's fifth largest city situated in the Kansai prefecture, left of Osaka.  Kobe has a very large shopping district with famous departments stores such as Sogo and Marui that have multiple levels, there's also a very large Chinatown near the heart of Kobe.
Street view of Kobe from the train station
Since it was nearly noon when we arrived and we were slightly hungry from standing all the way on the train from Kyoto as all the seats were taken.  So we had okonomiyaki at a popular chain store in Japan - Fugetsu, here's a video :)

Afterwards, Emma and I took purikura (photo stickers) as a purikura place nearby that had more than 10 machines and they were only 400yen each which is around $5-6!!!! Here in Australia it's like $15 for one, crazy, even used an $18 machine here once at Photoworld (which sadly closed down) but the results were amazing!
sneaky shot of the purikura place
purikura we took
We were also handed out these promotional items for third year students regarding their holiday trips once they finish, similar to schoolies here in Australia, but more travel orientated.  Found these bags amazing as you can turn them into folders as indicated by the 'open' arrow, so smart and ecofriendly?

Marui O1O1 one of the department stores

OPA and roads below

another shopping street = Motomachi

cute panda for Coca-Cola
street of food and lanterns

On the way back to the Kobe station, I saw this beautiful Mediterranean-style building that had the old worn out look, and contrasted very well with the surrounding modern buildings

Hope you enjoyed this post, byee


  1. Your trip looks like it was so much fun! $5 purikura sounds amazing, I'd go there all the time if we had them so cheap here!

    1. looks like I'm not the only one who wants cheaper purikura :)

  2. aww your pictures bring back so many memories :D
    I'm glad you had a lot of fun. I look forward to read more!

    nyuu |

    1. looking back at these pictures makes me want to go back too~
      more Japan posts will be up soon :)

  3. Wow! The purikura machines are so nice! : ) The folder is so cool! How efficient!

    1. their effects are amazing! I'm using it as a folder now haha

  4. australia's purikura machines are darn expensive. 14AUD the other my friends and i went ><''

    btw, u in melbourne?
    me too^^
    which uni are u in?! :3

    1. Only if purikura was cheaper in Australia ;w;
      yupyup, will be in some uni next year


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