Saturday, November 17, 2012

Goodbye 13 years of schooling

FINISHED ALL MY EXAMS ON FRIDAY WHICH MEANS I HAVE NO MORE SCHOOL!!! (for another 3 months that is, until university starts) so no more hiatus!
Calculated that I've spent around 13 years of my 18 years living at school, which is more than 3/4 of what I've currently lived (|||O⌓O;) what.

Finishing high school and going to university sounds like a really a scary thing, as I'm entering the 'big, dangerous, unprotected world' and I'll never know what events I may encounter because they will stay enclosed in a mysterious bottle until I open it and find out what obscure items were concealed within.
I realise that I am no longer a school girl, I will never be able to go back to school in the same school dress and be surrounded by the same people who you grew up with since your year 7 days, or sit together under our usual spot every recess and lunch, chat about things only 'your group' understood, or go to school in a carefree girly environment where no one cared if your dress was too short (except for some teachers), if you went to school with or without makeup, started complaining about your 'time of month', or started doing anything that would be labelled as strange if they happened in a mixed gender school, why? because it's a girls' school thing.
I will miss my girls so much, I know that we'll be catching up wih each other every now and then, but it'll be different, as we are no longer together because we would've moved towards our own directions.  Sound like I'm talking about a breakup here haha

last day in a school dress

Goodbye high school girl~ I'll be back as a university girl in a few months time.  Since I'm back from my hiatus, posts about my valedictory dinner and muck up days will be up soon :)

Have you ever experienced anything that you didn't want to move on from?



  1. Congrats Lissy! I'm sure you did wonderful on your exams and get into your desired course! xx

  2. Congrats lovely! Oh, I'm feeling so nostalgic about the days when I was in high school. Congrats on finishing VCE and I hope you get your desired ATAR to reach your dream course! X

    1. thanks sophie :) I miss high school already even though its only been a week or so haha


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