Monday, October 8, 2012

Review: Guhng - The Palace

Had my 18th dinner party at this pure amazing-ness place, Guhng.  And this will be the story of my experience with the Korean barbeque place, Guhng (The Palace)...I'll try my best with the story part ><"
On a slightly rainy Sunday night in Melbourne, Lissy and her friends battled against the cold rain with minimal shelter along the streets in the city in order to arrive at their final destination Guhng.  They finally found Guhng - The Palace shining brightly at number 19 McKillop Street, Melbourne, 3000 admist the other gloomy restaurants which were closed that Sunday night.

As soon as Lissy saw the Guhng sign, she immediately rememberd back to the Goong (Princess Hours) drama sign, but she was too hungry to consult with her friends about the similarity.  So in she stepped into the four-leveled Korean barbeque palace.

Once everyone was seated, the tables magically filled with four colourful side dishes that consisted of kimchi, coleslaw with pasta, pickled pink radish (amazing) and pickled onion, along with three dipping sauces for the barbeque.

When the meat was ordered for the barbeque, waiteresses dressed in traditional Korean hanboks came to our service and helped us prepare the meat along with a 'magic mushroom' for each plate of meat (to help signify when the meat was ready), the waitresses also helped cut up and serve the meat, which made everyone feel like princesses :)

The two tables of nearly 20 girls enjoyed many plates of meat ranging from pork fillet and bulgogi to the famous ox tongue which is a must for Korean barbeque.

ox tongue and mushrooms
Didn't try any of the desserts as we had cake, but I'm sure they would be delicious as their mains were.  The extravagantly decorated Guhng was filled with amazing lights and wall features, and pipes that sucked the smoke out from the barbeque to ensure the air was not too stuffy from the barbeques.

Now back to real life, because I can no longer continue on with the story line and because I'm not too good with creative writing or essays.
Overall, it was a great experience as it was my first time having Korean barbeque, I'm not a food critic but everything suited my tastebubs so it was all very satisfying.  However their service may be a bit slow as dealing with many floors and tables of hungry customers (which is understandable), but I do think they should add on a few more vegetarian options since they only had around 4 vegetarian options which was limited for my vegetarian friend, so I give Guhng a 4.5/5.  But I'll definately be back next time Guhng!

It's also sort of on the pricey side with a meal at $25-$35 as stated by Urbanspoon here, but once you eat with a few friends, the price comes down :)  Then again, you get what you pay for~

Here's a photo of everyone on my table (but after all the food was devoured):
featuring these beautiful girls: Ish, Maddie, Laura, Maddie, Mannie, Mary, Meaghan, Kirsten, moi, and Yifan who blinked D:

And here's my outfit for that night:
top and collar: Be Radiance
skirt: Shake Shake
loafers: Wittner
coat: Honey Bunch
bag: Perfume Inn

That's all from me now, might not update as much now (or I may even go on a hiatus) due to exams, so please excuse my absence.

And 'Catch Me' if you can haha byee ;)


  1. You look super cute! :D
    This seems like a lovely place too

    1. hehe thanks sami :)
      you should try korean barbeque too

  2. Yum the food looks so good and the place looks nice! :)

    1. you should definately try out korean BBQ sometime, its amazing!


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