Thursday, October 25, 2012


My 13 years of schooling has finally come to an end (apart from the exams which are still to come), from my shy, quite primary school days I have transformed into a braver more outgoing person (but I'm still quite at time) through many friends who were like family to me in high school.
Thank you everyone who has helped create the current me, allowed me to find myself, and helped me discover who I am and my personality, as quoted in many letters and messages I have now become a 'bubbly, happy, fun girl with a genuine personality'. (´ω`)

 And because school photos are my 'favourite', here's a picture of my transition:
Prep - Year 12
From prep where I had my first ever school photo (which I had forgotten about hence the messy hair) to the year 12 photo where I've learnt to smile a cheesey smile :)

Throughout my journey of growing up, I have fallen many times along the rocky road and wanted to turn back to where I started (where it was easier) however it's a one-way road so it is impossible, it was those close to me who helped me stand up and strengthened me to continue along the road towards adulthood.

Again, thank you to everyone and the new friends I made along the way for your constant support, and the strong friendship we held tightly together.  Let's stand up, spread our wings out, and fly together~


  1. Congratulations on graduating!
    I also graduated this week. Feels unrreal, but I'm excited for the years ahead!

    You were an adorable little child.
    You're more mature and pretty now ^^hehe.

    1. Feels so strange right?
      haha thanks Tea2Tu :3 xx


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