Thursday, October 25, 2012

Procrastination + popteen

Why am I blogging when I should be studying for my end of year exams?  Procrastination is the answer.  Thanks to many parties and shopping trips, I am able to procrastinate to the highest level - Procrastinating Queen.  This will just be a random post on outfits, and new gets.

Just half of the practice exams I should be working on....sorry to all those trees who died for me (☉д⊙)

Wore this one to Laura's 18th
dress: Dress Monster
oxford heels: Wittner
earrings: Mimco

shirt: Emoda
jumper: Ingni
Jeans: Uniqlo
oxfords: Urban Soul

Bought the latest popteen with Rola on the cover for their 32nd year anniversary, oh she's beautiful~ and Cutie with Kana Nishino on the cover, her songs are amazing, this issue also came with a sample of the highly complemented 24h Cosme powder which is supposed to last for 24 hours! :))

Below are some of my favourite pages from Popteen and Cutie:
All the popteen models
latest looks from Shibuya 109 brands, I love the One Spo cat dress ^^
Time to find those feline looking clothes, the cats are in the house meow

Also bought this pleated dress from Dotti during their sale for only $29.95 from the original $69.95.  It's a tad big on me since they ran out of size 6 but I altered it a bit and now it fits me quite well (*⁰▿⁰*)

Going back to studying, bye! Oh and this will probably be the last post for now as I'll be going on a hiatus.  I'll be back soon!

I've been playing Ailee's new song for multiple times now, love her voice~


  1. That sweater looks so comfy~ >u<
    And thank you for the pictures of popteen! o:

    1. it's great to wear over anything, including dresses
      glad you like this issue too, it's like a summary of the 32 popteen years :)

  2. the pleated dress look so cute ^_~

    1. thank you Janet, I think I've developed a fetish for pleats haha

  3. Love the dress :D it looks so good on u! Good luck with your exams ^^

    1. thanks jen! should get back to studying :3

  4. I like your jumper^^
    and omg,so many papers!!! ><

    1. thank you :3
      I know, such a deadly amount D:

  5. I love the dress! Do you know if they still have any more stock? I've got a pleated skirt from Dotti too and absolutely fell in love with it. I haven't been shopping in ages because I've been stuck at home (trying to) study! Good luck with your exams! I remember the good old days being in back in high school.. :')

    1. I dont think they have any instock because it was the last one when I bought it, but you never know :)
      I want to go back to school now D: good luck to you too sophler :)


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