Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Coming of age *pic heavy*

Experienced my 'Coming of age'  (a young person's transition from childhood to adulthood) around three weeks ago, and hallelujah I'm finally 18, the legal age in Australia.  Don't know what the next 18 years will be like but for the 18 years I've lived have been amazing through tears and laughter with my family and friends.
It was also Yifan's birthday that day of my actual birthday, so we are twins hurhur just from a different mother and father
with the twin
Since I made a vow to myself to never drink (personal reasons) going to a bar or club for my birthday would be unsuitable, so I resorted to having dinner at some fancy place in the city.  I was contemplating on having high tea, korean bbq or some place at Crown Casino, but in the end I chose korean bbq and Guhng - The Palace.  I'll be making a post about that next time.

Anyways, here's what I received from the amazing people around me:

First up, from my group - thanks Kirsten, Laura, Meaghan, Mary, Maddie and Mannie for getting me something I wanted, le polaroid (instant camera).  And for those of you who know, I'm a pink-lover, so of course they got me the limited edition pink version!!
my pink polaroid that I have yet to name
And that's us there in the polaroid (my first polaroid) :DD

wine glass from Raine, and a cute teddy from Annabelle

I will always be a flower loving girl :))
my first bouquet of roses from Christine, Carol, Melissa and Sophie
cute earrings and Lush bath bombs from Iscah, and gorgeous Mimco earrings from Christine, Melissa, Carol and Sophie
cute earrings from Dianna
Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume from Karen, Dee and Shelley

Dad brought back stuff for me from his recent trip to China.  Must say that the clothes he bought for me are like 5x better than last time, I can actually wear these out whereas the clothes he got for me were kids sized :S  So he got me a really cute peter pan collar dress, tw floral rompers, stripey shirt, pink Swatch watch, L.E.D (some german brand) watch, and also Loccitane mini samples from the hotel haha

Stuff from Guangzhou

close up shot
Last but not least, my present from Megu, who a met up with this week.  She gave me this highly raved rubber mascara, a twistable pencil eyeliner (which I was just about to buy), and a really cute birthday card

I'm getting older, but the fun has just started

Thanks for reading!
love, Lissy



  2. Sounds like you had a lovely 18th! Presents look great, generous friends!

  3. happy birthday :) you got very lovely presnets ^.^ seems like you had a great day :3

  4. Happy 18th birthday~ I hope 18 will be an unforgettable one.
    I adore your gifts. It's also admiring that even though you're 18, you vow not to drink hehe.

    1. thank you!!
      haha yeah, everyone wanted me to drink :S

  5. Happy birthday! What generous friends you have. Hope you had a lovely day, hehe.

    1. thanks sophler! and I had an amazing day :)

  6. Happy birthday gorgeous!!! You're still a baby hehee enjoy it! x

    1. hehe thank you Phuju :)) I always get told that I'm a few years younger than my actual age

  7. Happy Birthday dear!! It seems like you've received some great stuff for your birthday! The pink polaroid's super cute! I think it's cuter than the Hello Kitty ones!! XD

    ♡ M.May

    1. thank you may! haha yeah I find the hk ones a bit boring because it's still white :)


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