Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wait for me

Hey guys, I'm officially going on hiatus because I really need to study for my end of year exams (year 12 exams) which consists of the below subjects:
  • English
  • Maths (further)
  • Health and Human Development
  • Business Management
  • Geography
Since I graduated from high school a few days ago, I'll be making a few posts on the muck up days and my valedictory dinner (graduation dinner). weew goodbye high school!~

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Thursday, October 25, 2012


My 13 years of schooling has finally come to an end (apart from the exams which are still to come), from my shy, quite primary school days I have transformed into a braver more outgoing person (but I'm still quite at time) through many friends who were like family to me in high school.
Thank you everyone who has helped create the current me, allowed me to find myself, and helped me discover who I am and my personality, as quoted in many letters and messages I have now become a 'bubbly, happy, fun girl with a genuine personality'. (´ω`)

 And because school photos are my 'favourite', here's a picture of my transition:
Prep - Year 12
From prep where I had my first ever school photo (which I had forgotten about hence the messy hair) to the year 12 photo where I've learnt to smile a cheesey smile :)

Throughout my journey of growing up, I have fallen many times along the rocky road and wanted to turn back to where I started (where it was easier) however it's a one-way road so it is impossible, it was those close to me who helped me stand up and strengthened me to continue along the road towards adulthood.

Again, thank you to everyone and the new friends I made along the way for your constant support, and the strong friendship we held tightly together.  Let's stand up, spread our wings out, and fly together~

Procrastination + popteen

Why am I blogging when I should be studying for my end of year exams?  Procrastination is the answer.  Thanks to many parties and shopping trips, I am able to procrastinate to the highest level - Procrastinating Queen.  This will just be a random post on outfits, and new gets.

Just half of the practice exams I should be working on....sorry to all those trees who died for me (☉д⊙)

Wore this one to Laura's 18th
dress: Dress Monster
oxford heels: Wittner
earrings: Mimco

shirt: Emoda
jumper: Ingni
Jeans: Uniqlo
oxfords: Urban Soul

Bought the latest popteen with Rola on the cover for their 32nd year anniversary, oh she's beautiful~ and Cutie with Kana Nishino on the cover, her songs are amazing, this issue also came with a sample of the highly complemented 24h Cosme powder which is supposed to last for 24 hours! :))

Below are some of my favourite pages from Popteen and Cutie:
All the popteen models
latest looks from Shibuya 109 brands, I love the One Spo cat dress ^^
Time to find those feline looking clothes, the cats are in the house meow

Also bought this pleated dress from Dotti during their sale for only $29.95 from the original $69.95.  It's a tad big on me since they ran out of size 6 but I altered it a bit and now it fits me quite well (*⁰▿⁰*)

Going back to studying, bye! Oh and this will probably be the last post for now as I'll be going on a hiatus.  I'll be back soon!

I've been playing Ailee's new song for multiple times now, love her voice~

Monday, October 8, 2012

Review: Guhng - The Palace

Had my 18th dinner party at this pure amazing-ness place, Guhng.  And this will be the story of my experience with the Korean barbeque place, Guhng (The Palace)...I'll try my best with the story part ><"
On a slightly rainy Sunday night in Melbourne, Lissy and her friends battled against the cold rain with minimal shelter along the streets in the city in order to arrive at their final destination Guhng.  They finally found Guhng - The Palace shining brightly at number 19 McKillop Street, Melbourne, 3000 admist the other gloomy restaurants which were closed that Sunday night.

As soon as Lissy saw the Guhng sign, she immediately rememberd back to the Goong (Princess Hours) drama sign, but she was too hungry to consult with her friends about the similarity.  So in she stepped into the four-leveled Korean barbeque palace.

Once everyone was seated, the tables magically filled with four colourful side dishes that consisted of kimchi, coleslaw with pasta, pickled pink radish (amazing) and pickled onion, along with three dipping sauces for the barbeque.

When the meat was ordered for the barbeque, waiteresses dressed in traditional Korean hanboks came to our service and helped us prepare the meat along with a 'magic mushroom' for each plate of meat (to help signify when the meat was ready), the waitresses also helped cut up and serve the meat, which made everyone feel like princesses :)

The two tables of nearly 20 girls enjoyed many plates of meat ranging from pork fillet and bulgogi to the famous ox tongue which is a must for Korean barbeque.

ox tongue and mushrooms
Didn't try any of the desserts as we had cake, but I'm sure they would be delicious as their mains were.  The extravagantly decorated Guhng was filled with amazing lights and wall features, and pipes that sucked the smoke out from the barbeque to ensure the air was not too stuffy from the barbeques.

Now back to real life, because I can no longer continue on with the story line and because I'm not too good with creative writing or essays.
Overall, it was a great experience as it was my first time having Korean barbeque, I'm not a food critic but everything suited my tastebubs so it was all very satisfying.  However their service may be a bit slow as dealing with many floors and tables of hungry customers (which is understandable), but I do think they should add on a few more vegetarian options since they only had around 4 vegetarian options which was limited for my vegetarian friend, so I give Guhng a 4.5/5.  But I'll definately be back next time Guhng!

It's also sort of on the pricey side with a meal at $25-$35 as stated by Urbanspoon here, but once you eat with a few friends, the price comes down :)  Then again, you get what you pay for~

Here's a photo of everyone on my table (but after all the food was devoured):
featuring these beautiful girls: Ish, Maddie, Laura, Maddie, Mannie, Mary, Meaghan, Kirsten, moi, and Yifan who blinked D:

And here's my outfit for that night:
top and collar: Be Radiance
skirt: Shake Shake
loafers: Wittner
coat: Honey Bunch
bag: Perfume Inn

That's all from me now, might not update as much now (or I may even go on a hiatus) due to exams, so please excuse my absence.

And 'Catch Me' if you can haha byee ;)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Coming of age *pic heavy*

Experienced my 'Coming of age'  (a young person's transition from childhood to adulthood) around three weeks ago, and hallelujah I'm finally 18, the legal age in Australia.  Don't know what the next 18 years will be like but for the 18 years I've lived have been amazing through tears and laughter with my family and friends.
It was also Yifan's birthday that day of my actual birthday, so we are twins hurhur just from a different mother and father
with the twin
Since I made a vow to myself to never drink (personal reasons) going to a bar or club for my birthday would be unsuitable, so I resorted to having dinner at some fancy place in the city.  I was contemplating on having high tea, korean bbq or some place at Crown Casino, but in the end I chose korean bbq and Guhng - The Palace.  I'll be making a post about that next time.

Anyways, here's what I received from the amazing people around me:

First up, from my group - thanks Kirsten, Laura, Meaghan, Mary, Maddie and Mannie for getting me something I wanted, le polaroid (instant camera).  And for those of you who know, I'm a pink-lover, so of course they got me the limited edition pink version!!
my pink polaroid that I have yet to name
And that's us there in the polaroid (my first polaroid) :DD

wine glass from Raine, and a cute teddy from Annabelle

I will always be a flower loving girl :))
my first bouquet of roses from Christine, Carol, Melissa and Sophie
cute earrings and Lush bath bombs from Iscah, and gorgeous Mimco earrings from Christine, Melissa, Carol and Sophie
cute earrings from Dianna
Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume from Karen, Dee and Shelley

Dad brought back stuff for me from his recent trip to China.  Must say that the clothes he bought for me are like 5x better than last time, I can actually wear these out whereas the clothes he got for me were kids sized :S  So he got me a really cute peter pan collar dress, tw floral rompers, stripey shirt, pink Swatch watch, L.E.D (some german brand) watch, and also Loccitane mini samples from the hotel haha

Stuff from Guangzhou

close up shot
Last but not least, my present from Megu, who a met up with this week.  She gave me this highly raved rubber mascara, a twistable pencil eyeliner (which I was just about to buy), and a really cute birthday card

I'm getting older, but the fun has just started

Thanks for reading!
love, Lissy
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