Friday, September 7, 2012

Walking Giant

Currently a walking giant with my new shoes - platform sneakers; not the type of sneakers with a heel, but converse-like shoes with a platform sole.  Standing at 170cm with these on I feel super tall, hence the reason why mum called me a 豆芽菜 (soybean shoot) aka skinny stick...
Back to the topic, I was inspired by Juria a famous Harajuku girl who's famous for her lavender-coloured hair and use of tattoo tights in her stylish outfits, below is the picture of her with platform sneakers that caught my eye.

Another Harajuku girl ft. platform sneakers

I ordered my pair from Ebay for around $35, and they came in around two weeks from China.  The quality of these platform sneakers is quite good, from comfort to the materials used I'm very pleased, however I will have to somehow overcome the fact of walking in these sneakers which are slightly harder to walk in than normal shoes due to their height.  I give these a rating of 4/5, only if the sole had the density and rubbery texture like the original Converse chucks then I would've given it an extra mark, but I'm still very happy with these awesome I think I have around 20 pairs of shoes, should stop buying shoes (but that's not possible haha)
actual product

Had quite a lot of fun walking around the house in these yesterday, can't wait to pull off a new look with these babies featuring my tattoo tights.  I think my fashion sense is becoming more mature now, so I should get rid of the florals in my wardrobe but but, they're so pretty on the other hand argh I hate dilemmas like this, 'to be or not to be'..
Only around 20 days of high school left until I graduate!  Just thinking about university sounds scary, but I've also heard that it's heaps better than school as there's more freedom, well I have to wait and see.


photo credits to tokyofashion


  1. Replies
    1. thanks, i've got quite a lot of compliments from them :)

  2. I love these shoes ^^ haha ive seen them around but i never thought of actually buying them coz they seem so difficult to walk in!

    1. you should get a pair! altough they are a bit hard to walk in you'll soon get used to it :3

  3. those shoes are so cool! first time seeing them :P

    followed you xx

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