Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Japan: Day 6 - Nishiki Market

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On day 6, Emma took us around Nishiki Market, a well known marketplace in downtown Kyoto which is famous for selling many of Kyoto's famous produce and goods, and many shops allow you to taste test their products before buying which is great as you will know what they taste like before you buy it; loved the pickled products like pickled umes and pickled radishes and these chewy sweet black beans, mum bought quite a lot from this market as they were all so delicious and fresh!

Next we went around Teramachi, which is a famous arcade located adjacent to Nishiki Market (sorry, forgot to take photos).  But we had and amazing lunch at Pomme's where I ordered this delicious half something and half carbonara I think omurice (omlete rice).

Around the corner they were rebuilding the fences, and I found their temporary fencing adorable!! Love the Japanese and their cute designs on anything possible.
Bunny fence

Here's what I got from that day:
from left to right:
fox tail - Marui O1O1
top and collar - Be Radiance
Craftholic sloth keyring - Teramachi
wallet - Samantha Thavasa
blouse - As Known As Pinky
jeans - Uniqlo
gloves -Teramachi
pacer -  Loft

Holidays will be starting next week, so jealous of those private schools who finished last week.  Anyways I hope I will have the time to update during my two week worth of holidays which are crammed with practice exams and lectures, if not, I might take a hiatus for a few weeks due to exams.



  1. I love the haul! the wallet and blouses are so cute ^__^ japan indeed has the cutest things, even for construction! :O

  2. that bunny fence is super cute!!!! love your loots! :)

    1. I love hoe you can spot something cute in every corner of Japan, thanks :)


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