Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Japan: Day 6 - Nishiki Market

Back to posts about my trip to Japan!
On day 6, Emma took us around Nishiki Market, a well known marketplace in downtown Kyoto which is famous for selling many of Kyoto's famous produce and goods, and many shops allow you to taste test their products before buying which is great as you will know what they taste like before you buy it; loved the pickled products like pickled umes and pickled radishes and these chewy sweet black beans, mum bought quite a lot from this market as they were all so delicious and fresh!

Next we went around Teramachi, which is a famous arcade located adjacent to Nishiki Market (sorry, forgot to take photos).  But we had and amazing lunch at Pomme's where I ordered this delicious half something and half carbonara I think omurice (omlete rice).

Around the corner they were rebuilding the fences, and I found their temporary fencing adorable!! Love the Japanese and their cute designs on anything possible.
Bunny fence

Here's what I got from that day:
from left to right:
fox tail - Marui O1O1
top and collar - Be Radiance
Craftholic sloth keyring - Teramachi
wallet - Samantha Thavasa
blouse - As Known As Pinky
jeans - Uniqlo
gloves -Teramachi
pacer -  Loft

Holidays will be starting next week, so jealous of those private schools who finished last week.  Anyways I hope I will have the time to update during my two week worth of holidays which are crammed with practice exams and lectures, if not, I might take a hiatus for a few weeks due to exams.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Rest in peace to the year 12 guy who suicided at East Camberwell station on Friday (which was witnessed by some people from my school)

No matter how hard your life is, remember to perservere and tell yourself that all will be good one day.
Think of all your family, friends and loved ones who have supported you throughout your life.
Although you may wonder why your life is so miserable, remember that there will always be ones less fortunate than you in this fortunate world.
In life there's always situations that make us wonder why they happen, I believe it's fate.  Even if you're having a hard time just remember to think optimistically and tell yourself the common English idiom:
Every cloud has a silver lining
You are the one and only one in the world, you are unique, you are special, you are you.
Think everything through no matter how hard they are, just look on the brighter side :))


Friday, September 7, 2012

Walking Giant

Currently a walking giant with my new shoes - platform sneakers; not the type of sneakers with a heel, but converse-like shoes with a platform sole.  Standing at 170cm with these on I feel super tall, hence the reason why mum called me a 豆芽菜 (soybean shoot) aka skinny stick...
Back to the topic, I was inspired by Juria a famous Harajuku girl who's famous for her lavender-coloured hair and use of tattoo tights in her stylish outfits, below is the picture of her with platform sneakers that caught my eye.

Another Harajuku girl ft. platform sneakers

I ordered my pair from Ebay for around $35, and they came in around two weeks from China.  The quality of these platform sneakers is quite good, from comfort to the materials used I'm very pleased, however I will have to somehow overcome the fact of walking in these sneakers which are slightly harder to walk in than normal shoes due to their height.  I give these a rating of 4/5, only if the sole had the density and rubbery texture like the original Converse chucks then I would've given it an extra mark, but I'm still very happy with these awesome I think I have around 20 pairs of shoes, should stop buying shoes (but that's not possible haha)
actual product

Had quite a lot of fun walking around the house in these yesterday, can't wait to pull off a new look with these babies featuring my tattoo tights.  I think my fashion sense is becoming more mature now, so I should get rid of the florals in my wardrobe but but, they're so pretty on the other hand argh I hate dilemmas like this, 'to be or not to be'..
Only around 20 days of high school left until I graduate!  Just thinking about university sounds scary, but I've also heard that it's heaps better than school as there's more freedom, well I have to wait and see.


photo credits to tokyofashion

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dollywink new lashes

Tsubasa-chan just released 3 more lashes to add to her second collection, no. 15-17.  Can't wait for these to be around in stores as I would love to purchase the Pure Girl (No. 15) one as it looks more natural than the no. 4 ones.

 Image credits to Tsu-chan's blog post

Just short post, I'll get back to blogging once sacs are over, toodles!~
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