Sunday, August 12, 2012

Review: Romwe Single Pocket Light Green Shirt

Received my first purchase from Romwe the other day, Romwe is a China-based online store that sells clothings, shoes and accessories, and I quite well known among fashionista's for their:
- large range of styles
- cheap price
- range of sizing
- free shipping with no minimum purchase
- 20% off coupon for your first purchase!

Now onto what I got from Romwe.  I'd had my eyes on this shirt for quite a while, but they only had size large left, so I browsed other online stores like Sheinside and Asos for a similar shirt, but was unsuccessful.  Luckly, when I was browsing Romwe a few days later they had it back in stock! So I chose my size, clicked 'add to bag' and paid right away!

Single Pocket Light Green Shirt $34.99USD here
Stock photos:
credits to Romwe

Actual item:
Came nicely in a zip lock bag with information about returns  

love the details - mother of pearl-like buttons and white edging

I'm really pleased with the quality and price of this shirt (bought it for only $27.99 after my 20% off coupon), so I'll continue to order from them in the future.  I also received it earlier than expected because they stated that delivering to Australia would take 5-15 days, yet it only took a week to arrive, great service.

Haven't worn this shirt out yet, but I will once spring's around the corner.  If you have time, I do recommend you check out Romwe, and you'll probably spend a few hours on it like I first did, and don't forget your 20% off coupon :)



  1. What a cute blouse! The colour really suits you and I'm a sucker for collars. 8)

    1. Thank you megu-chan, I'm having a collar craze now :D

  2. Love it! It would go great tucked into a high waisted skirt :3

    1. Great idea Lucy! now I just need more skirts hehe

  3. The shirt looks fantastic. I need new shirts and blouses for next month. :3

    Thanks for dropping by. ! :)

    Enter my giveaway if you haven't already

    1. I definately recommend buying some from romwe, they have a really good range :)

  4. you look owsome i like your pic thanks for sharing .


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