Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cherry Blossoms

Just a few snapshots I took today of the cherry blossoms in our front garden as Melbourne finally showed the coming of Spring with a beautiful sunshiny day.  Also have a poem below to accompany the photos.

Cherry Blossoms Adrift
Pink petals passing
Scents above so high
Painted porcelain perfection
Blossoms caress the sky

Swaying silent shroud
Suitors strolling by
Pink petals passing
Lover's gentle sigh

Pastel hues falling
Slow fluttering grace
Pink petals passing
Lining streams in lace

Pink petals passing
Smoothest transit by
Soft essence floating
In most subtle lullaby

Inducing springtime slumber
Upon a satin shore
Sailing with the current
Pink petals pass before

Next time,


  1. Its great to see beautiful flowers blossoming <3
    though spring also means hay fever is coming back :S meh

    1. oh noo hope its not that bad this time :)


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