Sunday, August 5, 2012

Be Right Back

Going to take a hiatus from blogging for around a week due to an overload with sacs: geography, business management, english, and health all in one week kill me now, but I'm only going to study for business management and english so I'll be alright, because I'll be bullshitting my way through the geography sac on population and health sac on global health #modelstudent

Now I bet you're thinking that I must be either really dumb to do such subjects or just want a relaxing last year in high school with bludge subjects, and the answer is B.  Since I was forced by my wanna-be-private-school to do five subjects this year when I already did two year 12 subjects in year 11 last year, I have a total of 7 subjects when the normal number of subjects is 5-6 ( ☌ω☌)

Anyways, just came back from a geography lecture which I nearly fell asleep in, but I survived with some milk tea I bought earlier and here's my ootd, got quite a few stares from old grannies at the train station maybe it's because of the tiger or the 'japanese girl 1984' part, who knows..
jumper: WC
jeans: Uniqlo
bag: Portmans
scarf: made by me
oxfords (not shown): Urban soul

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That's it for now, I'll be back soon with a review on a shirt I bought from Romwe!


  1. Omg 5 subjects on top of 2 in year 11, poor you! My school (mac.rob) forbade us from doing 5 if we did 2 in year 11!!! We absolutely weren't allowed. I wasn't complaining haha, had 10 free periods in year 12 woohoo! Anyway good luck for all your assessments :)

    1. wow you got into macrob you smart girl :D
      ugh oh wells I can fail one haha (i'll probably just end up just colouring the map in the geography map) I have 10 spare periods as well!!
      thank you Sue, I'll survive them :)


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