Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Recent gets + giveaway soon!!

How is everyone lately?  Just started term 3 on Monday and boy do I feel old in my year 12 hoodie.  Unlike some schools who got their hoodies/jumpers at the beginning of the year, we had to petition to get it on the last day of the second term ugh because the senior school office was going on about 'how we wouldn't contentrate in school' and other stupid excuses, but it was worth it because we won and now we're all in our warm comfy hoodies (´◡`)
Year 12 in 2012 :)

So here are a few pieces from my recent shopping trips at the end of my two week holiday
Jumper from Gap, shoulder bag from Portmans and quilt set from Ikea

Scored these new slipper flats from Wittners when they had a sales promotion of taking an extra 30%off the marked price, from the original $129.95 is scored these for less than half price!

 Also bought these three magazines on Monday after school because my teacher was away so I finished early, and had enough time to go to the city.  And came back with three magazines (Sweet Oct 2011, Popteen July and August 2012) and two nail polishes, the yellow one is from thefaceshop and the nice mint green which I had been searching for is from Skin Food.  Spent over $50 in just the 20 or so minutes I had in the city o.o

Oh and since I've had this blog for more that I year, I decided that I should do a little giveaway to thank you guys, my followers.  Here's a small preview:

Stay tuned for when the giveaway starts! Byee


  1. Hi! Where did you buy your Skinfood polish from? I've never knew Melbourne had Skinfood products?! :O

    1. I bought it from this little shop in Chinatown :)

  2. I wish Perth had Skinfood products! Or maybe there are, but I just don't know it *0*

    That white sweater looks super cute and cosy ^^

    1. You could always find skinfood products online if there's no shops that sell them :)
      it sooo warm, perfect for the cold melbourne weather


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