Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pastel rainbow & polka dots

I has new nails! Even though school has already started and I'm not supposed to wear nail polish, its my last year in high school so I should break at least some rules in the wanna-be-private nun girls school I go to.  But I'll probably have to hide my hands in my pocket for the next week or so from getting a detention from the cranky teachers who are constantly like 'Wear your blazer to and from school, girls!', 'Where's your uniform pass?', 'Where's your late pass?' blah blah I think you get the gist of what my school's like #rebelliousteenager

Since I bought the both the mint and yellow recently, I thought it was a great time to paint my nails into a rainbow and to jazz it up with a bit of fun I added polka dots :)

Here's what I used:
- Cutex base coat
- Cutex top coat
- Sally Hansen 'Made you blush'
- Essie 'Haute as Hello'
- The Face Shop 'YL701'
- Skinfood 'BL005'
- Missha 'BL001'
- Etude House nail art pen (white)
- Daiso nail drying spray

I don't think I need a thorough tutorial, basically just paint your nails to achieve the colour and transperancy you want, draw dots on your nails with either a dotting tool or the dotting pen I'm using, seal your nails with a good coat of top coat and you're done!  The base coat and nail drying spray are optional, however if you're impatient like me then I suggest you get one of these nail drying sprays from Daiso to help speed things up.

Hope you liked this short update of my current nails, don't forget to check out my blog giveaway! Bye
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  1. Omg, cute! Next time I come over please give me a manicure! ( ≧ v ≦ )

  2. The podka manicure looks so springy and cute <3
    though I wont do it as Im too lazy to paint my nails different color lol

    1. I wish it was spring here! its currently winter and freeeeezing :(


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