Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hello Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII)

Got another new phone a few days ago, why?  Because my Galaxy R which dad got from China died, I couldn't turn it on or do anything due to some system problem, so please do not purchase the galaxy R you will just be wasting your time and money if you do
Since I still like Samsung's design and the Android system, I decided to go for the Galaxy S2 which is one of the best selling phones, also because I played around with a few of my friends phones who have the same one and fell in love ;w;

This post will be a very short review about what I like about the Samsung Galaxy S2.
- lightweight
- available in a range of colours (black, white, pink)
- 4.3'' super amoled plus display
- slim design
- 8MP camera

- memory card slot is under the battery (hard to access)
- small space bar

size comparison against my ipod (relative size of iphone)
love my anti-dust plug thing from here 

screenshot of my apps
my list of suggested applications:
- pudding camera
- 美人相机
- GO keyboard
- pink diary
- whatsapp
- pastel animal battery widget
- SBY camera
- 美图秀秀
- emoticon dictionary
- labelbox

Thanks for reading, byee


  1. I love the dust-plug! Where is instagram? D:

    1. thanks, ehhh how much would you rate instagram out of?

  2. Cute, i love your phone, it looks awesome!! Samsung's phones are starting to interest me now~! ^^ i'm an apple person, but I really want the SII or the G.NOTE~ ^__^

    1. thanks jen! I like the size of the s2, not too big and not too small. I know someone with the g.note and i have no idea how they hold onto it, it's gigantic! haha


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