Sunday, July 22, 2012

Daily Skincare Routine

Looking beautiful is something we all want to be and in order to look beautiful we not only need good makeup and makeup skills, but also nice skin underneath all the makeup to compliment it.  So today, I'll be sharing my daily skincare routine.

Just some background information, my skin is oily around the T-zone area especially my forehead which I tend to break out in probably because of my full fringe, but normal in other places, so you could say that I have slight combination skin, my eyelids are sometimes 'puffy' since I have monolids (eyelids without the crease).  Other than that I dont have any major problems like wrinkles or anything age related since I'm still under 20 years old.

These are the products that I've been using for a good year or so, and you'll notice that I'm loyal to my Asian products.  Why?  Because I think I'm more suited to Asian skincare products because they work on me by leaving my skin nice and supple, without the strong scent which I dislike that many western brands have like Lush and The Body Shop.
My everyday products:
- Hadalabo foaming cleanser
- Hadalabo toner
- Hadalabo lotion
- Anessa sunscreen cleanser (summer use)
- Anessa SPF50+ sunscreen (summer use)
- Shiseido Deluxe night cream (night use)
- Shiseido Acteaheart eye cream (night use)
- Kobayashi medicated acne cream (night use)

Every morning I cleanse my face with a pump of the Hadalabo foaming cleanser, splash my face around 10 times with cold water which doubles as a natural toner and closes up my pores, I pat my face dry, then I use pea size amounts of the Hadalabo toner and lotion which is amazing because of the hyaluronic acid inside and keeps the moisture in your skin for a long time.

Hadalabo toner commercial:

At night, I cleanse my face with the Hadalabo cleanser once again, however this time I use the Shiseido night cream which has a thicker consistancy, and every now and then I use the Shiseido eye cream around my eyes, I love this eye cream however it's quite expensive for the size of it (bought it for around 4000円 which is nearly $50AUD) but you only need the size of a grain of rice each time you use it.  Occasionally I'll end up with a few pimples here and there so I use the Kobayashi acne cream which dries up your pimple..I think, all you have to do just wash it off the next morning and it's heaps smaller, you can get it here on ebay.

My makeup removing products:
- Neutrogena eye makeup remove
- Biore gentle makeup removing wipes
- Japanese remake pencil

I hardly apply makeup on my face, so I mainly focus on my eyes when removing makeup.  The Neutrogena eye makeup remover is some amazing stuff, it removes everything and comes off really quick so there's no need to rub your eyelids to remove the eye makeup.  Sometimes when I need a quick cleaner alternative I go for the Biore makeup removing wipes which is quite gentle on the skin and leaves a subtle fresh scent.  This remake pencil is something that I cannot live without, it's a makeup correcting pen which easily removes mistakes without using any water, just a cotton wipe or tissue, pure amazing-ness.
before and after shots

That's my daily skincare routine, what products do you use?  What is a product that you'll always stick by?  For me, I'll be a loyal Hadalabo customer.

my naked face and my beloved products
Thanks for reading, treat your skin nicely 'because I'm you're worth it' ( ´◡`)

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  1. I've always wanted to try the hadolabo products. I heard good things about them glad to hear you're also a fan of taking care of skin! i agree, skincare is important!

    keep in touch :)

    Do you like beauty products?
    We're holding a giveaway @

    1. you should definately try them out joyce!

  2. I originally used hada labo but now I changed to nature republic ^^

    1. never heard of that brand, I should try it out sometime :)

  3. Thanks for sharing this! It seems like a great routine because my skin sounds quite similar to yours and going by this would be a good idea! =)

    Anna @ FEED ME NANA xoxo

    1. Glad this post helped you out Nana :)

  4. Ooh I have the Neutrogena Oil-Free makeup remover, it really is wonderful! I've been wanting to try Biore products and I think those wipes would be suitable for me because I have sensitive skin and those say 'gentle' :) Oh and that remover pencil is so cool :o I am so amazed... no water? Nice! I wonder if I can find that product somewhere... hmm!

    1. I find the Biore wipes a bit more gentle than other brands so it could be suitable for your sensitive skin :)
      You can get similar ones from Daiso or ebay 'makeup corrector pen' like below

  5. Give me five, I love Hadalabo products too and they are amazing! though they become even more and more expensive so I switch to Juju (which is equally exceptional!)
    I am using Neutrogena eye makeup remover but think its a bit too greasy :S
    [[ heheee I like the maybelline and loreal one a bit more]]

    1. I used do use the Juju aloe one which is really gentle on your skin :)
      havent tried the maybelline and loreal one, should try them out when I finish the neutrogena one

  6. Thanks for sharing your skincare routine! I have oily combination and my constant problem is breaking out. Tried out some stuff but acne keeps coming back T___T I am quite interested on the Kobayashi cream, sounds really nice~ I have tried Hada Labo the Arbutin range and it works quite nice on me ^_~

    1. hada labo is now my hg skincare product, do try out to Kobayashi cream or the 3M acne sticker, it does wonders :)


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