Sunday, July 22, 2012

Daily Skincare Routine

Looking beautiful is something we all want to be and in order to look beautiful we not only need good makeup and makeup skills, but also nice skin underneath all the makeup to compliment it.  So today, I'll be sharing my daily skincare routine.

Just some background information, my skin is oily around the T-zone area especially my forehead which I tend to break out in probably because of my full fringe, but normal in other places, so you could say that I have slight combination skin, my eyelids are sometimes 'puffy' since I have monolids (eyelids without the crease).  Other than that I dont have any major problems like wrinkles or anything age related since I'm still under 20 years old.

These are the products that I've been using for a good year or so, and you'll notice that I'm loyal to my Asian products.  Why?  Because I think I'm more suited to Asian skincare products because they work on me by leaving my skin nice and supple, without the strong scent which I dislike that many western brands have like Lush and The Body Shop.
My everyday products:
- Hadalabo foaming cleanser
- Hadalabo toner
- Hadalabo lotion
- Anessa sunscreen cleanser (summer use)
- Anessa SPF50+ sunscreen (summer use)
- Shiseido Deluxe night cream (night use)
- Shiseido Acteaheart eye cream (night use)
- Kobayashi medicated acne cream (night use)

Every morning I cleanse my face with a pump of the Hadalabo foaming cleanser, splash my face around 10 times with cold water which doubles as a natural toner and closes up my pores, I pat my face dry, then I use pea size amounts of the Hadalabo toner and lotion which is amazing because of the hyaluronic acid inside and keeps the moisture in your skin for a long time.

Hadalabo toner commercial:

At night, I cleanse my face with the Hadalabo cleanser once again, however this time I use the Shiseido night cream which has a thicker consistancy, and every now and then I use the Shiseido eye cream around my eyes, I love this eye cream however it's quite expensive for the size of it (bought it for around 4000円 which is nearly $50AUD) but you only need the size of a grain of rice each time you use it.  Occasionally I'll end up with a few pimples here and there so I use the Kobayashi acne cream which dries up your pimple..I think, all you have to do just wash it off the next morning and it's heaps smaller, you can get it here on ebay.

My makeup removing products:
- Neutrogena eye makeup remove
- Biore gentle makeup removing wipes
- Japanese remake pencil

I hardly apply makeup on my face, so I mainly focus on my eyes when removing makeup.  The Neutrogena eye makeup remover is some amazing stuff, it removes everything and comes off really quick so there's no need to rub your eyelids to remove the eye makeup.  Sometimes when I need a quick cleaner alternative I go for the Biore makeup removing wipes which is quite gentle on the skin and leaves a subtle fresh scent.  This remake pencil is something that I cannot live without, it's a makeup correcting pen which easily removes mistakes without using any water, just a cotton wipe or tissue, pure amazing-ness.
before and after shots

That's my daily skincare routine, what products do you use?  What is a product that you'll always stick by?  For me, I'll be a loyal Hadalabo customer.

my naked face and my beloved products
Thanks for reading, treat your skin nicely 'because I'm you're worth it' ( ´◡`)

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pastel rainbow & polka dots

I has new nails! Even though school has already started and I'm not supposed to wear nail polish, its my last year in high school so I should break at least some rules in the wanna-be-private nun girls school I go to.  But I'll probably have to hide my hands in my pocket for the next week or so from getting a detention from the cranky teachers who are constantly like 'Wear your blazer to and from school, girls!', 'Where's your uniform pass?', 'Where's your late pass?' blah blah I think you get the gist of what my school's like #rebelliousteenager

Since I bought the both the mint and yellow recently, I thought it was a great time to paint my nails into a rainbow and to jazz it up with a bit of fun I added polka dots :)

Here's what I used:
- Cutex base coat
- Cutex top coat
- Sally Hansen 'Made you blush'
- Essie 'Haute as Hello'
- The Face Shop 'YL701'
- Skinfood 'BL005'
- Missha 'BL001'
- Etude House nail art pen (white)
- Daiso nail drying spray

I don't think I need a thorough tutorial, basically just paint your nails to achieve the colour and transperancy you want, draw dots on your nails with either a dotting tool or the dotting pen I'm using, seal your nails with a good coat of top coat and you're done!  The base coat and nail drying spray are optional, however if you're impatient like me then I suggest you get one of these nail drying sprays from Daiso to help speed things up.

Hope you liked this short update of my current nails, don't forget to check out my blog giveaway! Bye
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Friday, July 20, 2012

My One Year Blog Anniversary Giveaway!!!

Hello lovely readers!!~
It has been awhile since my blog turned one years old, and I'm greatful to have reached 70+ followers (which I thought I never would), so I would like to thank you all for your support with this giveaway which ends on August 10th at 12.00am (EST).
The winner will be annouced via email the following day, I'll be using Rafflecopter to run the entries and everything in the giveaway has been purchased with my own money so nothing is sponsored.

This giveaway is open internationally, and shipping costs (registered mail) will be covered by me :)

 One lucky winner will be scoring themselves the following:
- 1 DKNY 'show me something new york' tote bag
- 1 Heart-shaped speaker
- 1 New York zip purse
- 1 Cupcake-shaped Rilakkuma charm
- 1 Suzy's Zoo small goods case (suitable for false eyelashes)
- 1 Carmex lip balm
- 1 Pink and white pearl deco sheet
- 1 Pink rose dangle earrings
- 1 Pink bow charm
- 2 Animal-shaped clips
- 1 Disney Cuties pen (black)
- 1 Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm (anti-oxidant berry)

Detailed pictures of the giveaway prizes:

 Now on to the simple rules:
- You must be a public follower of my blog via GFC (Googgle Friend Connect)
- Use Rafflecopter below to enter yourself into the giveaway, otherwise you will not be counted

And don't bother cheating or taking credit for an entry you didn't do through Rafflecopter because I'll be checking them *evil laughter*

Good luck to you ll, and thank you once again ٩꒰。•◡•。꒱۶

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Recent gets + giveaway soon!!

How is everyone lately?  Just started term 3 on Monday and boy do I feel old in my year 12 hoodie.  Unlike some schools who got their hoodies/jumpers at the beginning of the year, we had to petition to get it on the last day of the second term ugh because the senior school office was going on about 'how we wouldn't contentrate in school' and other stupid excuses, but it was worth it because we won and now we're all in our warm comfy hoodies (´◡`)
Year 12 in 2012 :)

So here are a few pieces from my recent shopping trips at the end of my two week holiday
Jumper from Gap, shoulder bag from Portmans and quilt set from Ikea

Scored these new slipper flats from Wittners when they had a sales promotion of taking an extra 30%off the marked price, from the original $129.95 is scored these for less than half price!

 Also bought these three magazines on Monday after school because my teacher was away so I finished early, and had enough time to go to the city.  And came back with three magazines (Sweet Oct 2011, Popteen July and August 2012) and two nail polishes, the yellow one is from thefaceshop and the nice mint green which I had been searching for is from Skin Food.  Spent over $50 in just the 20 or so minutes I had in the city o.o

Oh and since I've had this blog for more that I year, I decided that I should do a little giveaway to thank you guys, my followers.  Here's a small preview:

Stay tuned for when the giveaway starts! Byee

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Parcel madness

Finally received my 5 parcels a few days ago, so happy that they arrived on the same day.  Is it just me or do you guys like buying things online aswell because you get that sensation of receiving and opening a present (from yourself)? and to make things better, the parcels (presents) come wrapped in bubble wrap so you spend the next 20 or so minutes popping the bubble wrap just because you can never leave bubble wrap unpopped.

Now onto the presents I bought for myself #foreveralone

First up, my Hadalabo cleanser refill and mum's Softymo cleanser.  I ordered these from Cosme's rakuten shop, and they came came within a few days via EMS from Japan.  I wouldv'e bought the cleansers here, but you never know how long the stores have had them for and they are always heaps more expensive than reliable online shops like Cosme.

Then it was my order from this ebay seller, I swear they gave me a few extra pieces...oh wells, here are the links to the things I got here for the nose clip, here for the deco bits, here for the invisible clips, and here for the hair stick thing.

And my silicon samsung galaxy s2 case from Cellsafe which reduces radiation that's emitted from your phone, my mum is someone who's crazy about anti-radiation devices so she was like 'you must get this!!' but I'm glad they have pink which is my favourite colour :)

Also bought a pair of black ballet shoes and a LED light for my camera which I'll soon be using once I find some working batteries.

My holidays are ending soon, and I haven't done much but finish the mountainous amounts of holidays homework left be teachers, I've finished all of my homework except geography...because its my 'favourite' subject haha.


Hello Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII)

Got another new phone a few days ago, why?  Because my Galaxy R which dad got from China died, I couldn't turn it on or do anything due to some system problem, so please do not purchase the galaxy R you will just be wasting your time and money if you do
Since I still like Samsung's design and the Android system, I decided to go for the Galaxy S2 which is one of the best selling phones, also because I played around with a few of my friends phones who have the same one and fell in love ;w;

This post will be a very short review about what I like about the Samsung Galaxy S2.
- lightweight
- available in a range of colours (black, white, pink)
- 4.3'' super amoled plus display
- slim design
- 8MP camera

- memory card slot is under the battery (hard to access)
- small space bar

size comparison against my ipod (relative size of iphone)
love my anti-dust plug thing from here 

screenshot of my apps
my list of suggested applications:
- pudding camera
- 美人相机
- GO keyboard
- pink diary
- whatsapp
- pastel animal battery widget
- SBY camera
- 美图秀秀
- emoticon dictionary
- labelbox

Thanks for reading, byee

Sunday, July 1, 2012

ideas please

My 18th birthday will be in less than 3 months time, I still feel like a 16 year old inside but whatever, I get told I look like one too...
So I was wondering if your guys could help me out with any possible party ideas or themes, I'm not the type of person to hold gigantic parties and invite 50+ people, any ideas for small manageable parties?  I would love to have a paintball party but most of my friends aren't over 18, so I was thinking of having one at a restaurant, but iunno

all ideas are appreciated, thank you :3

Japan: Day 6 Part 3 - Ginkakuji Temple

Last part of day 6, you can read about part 1 here and part 2 here.
Ginkakuji or Silver Pavilion is a Zen temple with other temple buildings and multiple gardens, also it is called the Silver Pavilion it was never covered in silver, but apparently it gives off a silvery appearance when reflected....who knows.

doesn't look that silver to me...
dry sand garden
view from the top of a mountain

Finally finished the post on day 6, I really recommend going to a few of these famous temples when you're in Kyoto because it's a city that still has historical buildings and symbolises the traditional side of Japan.

I'll be updating more posts these 2 weeks because it's holidays, and I've done most of my homework, so be prepared for more posts on my Japan trip :)


Japan: Day 6 Part 2 - Kinkakuji Temple

Continuing on with my post about day 6, you can see part 1 here.
Kinkakuji or more commonly known as the Golden Pavilion is one of the most famous temples in Kyoto, Kinkakuji is a three storey building that had the two top stories covered in pure gold leaf.

so beautiful~
can you see the chinese phoenix on top?
People are the only ones who visit Kinkakuji Temple
a cute little doggy in a dog pram with a kimono!! #onlyinjapan
hundreds of koi in the lake in front of Kinkakuji

An amazing variety of vending machines at Kinkakuji, from icecream to instant noodles, oh I love Japan for the convenience

When we left Kinkakuji to our next destination (Ginkakuji Temple), Emma told us to look at the top of the mountain on the left, and I found the word 大 which means 'big', and according to Emma there;s a character on each of the tall mountains surrounding Kinkakuji (I think), and they also fire fireworks from each of these characters each year, sugoi!

That's the end of part 2 of day 6, next up will be Ginkakuji the Silver Pavilion, stay tuned...I think I sound like a radio host haha

Japan: Day 6 Part 1- Kyoto Studio Park (Toei Uzumasa Eigamura)

Just started my term 2 holidays, so it's back to my posts on Japan!
So on my 6th day in Japan, Emma decided to take us to some 'fun' place, I had no idea what she meant as fun until we arrived at Toei Kyoto Studio Park which is a film set and theme park in one, and features a collection of replicas of traditional Japanese buildings which are used for historial movies and television dramas.

near the entrance were the props used in some recent historical movie

once you walked out of the entrance, you entered into the world of historical Japanese buildings


and we fought on top of a roof like ninjas with our roasted corn lol

my amazing ramen and ninja sword chopsticks
We also took photos in jidaigeki costumes, I chose to dress up as a maiko (apprentice geisha) and Emma chose to dress up as a queen, and the costume was so heavy with multiple layers and a head piece.
Then the 'fun' part came, it was the Ninja House which was filled with traps, and you had to find your way out!  Totally going to build a house like that one day haha, sadly there are no pictures of the Ninja House because cameras were restricted, however it was very similar to this video:

That's all for Toei Kyoto Studio Park, but only part 1 of day 6 because we later visited the Kinkakuji and Ginkakuji temples, so don't forget to read about it.

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