Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Just felt my first ever earthquake about 10 minutes ago :D
So exciting! I bet tomorrow in the news something will be about the earthquake that happened tonight in Melbourne.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tutorial: floral projects

I redecorated a few items which all ended up being floral themed, this included an accessories stand and a tissue box which I later turned into a box.  The box that I deco-ed is my first deco project, so I'm very proud of it (even mum was like wow so pretty), here are the final products:

How to make/customise a box:

Find a box or container you no longer use (preferably clear), here I'm using a tissue box that mum bought years ago

(optional) place a piece of cardboard on the lid and glue it down to cover up the hole, then give it a light coat of white paint.

Prepare your deco parts, I chose artificial flowers, lace, pearls, rhinestones (I didn't use some of the things pictured below) and glue

Position your main pieces on your box, and glue them down once your design has been confirmed

 Added a line of this 3D decoration pen along the edge to give it a neater look link

Glue lace around the inside of the box, yes the inner lid is very attractive  :P

Keep on gluing the deco parts on until you have covered the lid, this may take a few long hours, and you're done!

 Now onto the accessory stand that I customised, at first it was this blue stand with a cat head on it and becaused it didn't really match my room I decided to give it a makeover.

Sawed the cat head off *evil laugh*

Sanded most of the blue paint off so the paint would adhere better

Gave it a  few coats of white (acrylic) paint

Painted it green, and put this flower thing for taps from Japan on because it was too small for our taps
credits to Google Images

and tadaa I has a new flower accessories stand lol

I guess this post fits today perfectly since it's World Environment Day, reduce reuse recycle!

Hope you liked this tutorial, bye
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