Sunday, April 22, 2012

Time to Halt

Sorry for the lack of updates, because I am back to my second term of school and already we're getting SACs and assignments, but this weekend I had absolutely no homework, which means time to blog!!!

Since my formal (similar to a prom) is coming up I needed pumps to go with my dress which I already have, I was tossing between white or beige shoes and decided to go with beige pumps since they're easier to mix and match with (and dirt or marks are less noticeable), so I bought these 'Halt' nude/beige pumps from Wittners, oh I love that store, I think it's my fourth or fifth pair from there in less than two years (´・౪・`)

These heels are have a 9cm heel and a platform of 2cm, with these heels on I'm around 173cm, wow I sound so tall haha.  Usually I wear size 38 from Wittners, but this pair I got these 'Halt' heels in size 37 because it's a bigger make according to the sales assistant.
*So make sure to try heels on before buying them online because they may be bigger on smaller depending on the style

And because I'm a member of the VIP soul club *sticks nose in the air*, normally I get 10% off full priced shoes, so these heels would've cost me $134.95 (originally $149.95) but with some 'rocktail' campaign I got an extra $20 off weew, so these were only $114.95 and full leather aswell (೨♛‿♛೨)

Can't wait 'til the formal which is in less than a month's time!!~

Nothing interesting these days, but it's going to be 'fun run' tomorrow which is when the whole school has to run 3km under the 25 minute limit, with my new Asics runners I bet I can make it within the limit but it's probably going to rain tomorrow...just hope it doesn't

'Til next time, byee~


  1. Love the heels, a timeless colour and style that will never go out of fashion!
    Good luck for the fun run, hope it doesn't rain!

    1. Yes, basics never do
      I hope so too, otherwise i'll probably look like a wet dog D; haha

  2. oooo i love just plain nude heels! those look fab on you, make sure to take a full shot at your formal! (◍•ᴗ•◍)♥

  3. I love the pumps! Have fun at your formal :)

  4. nice heels looks sexy on u hahaha you should show the dress as well :]

    1. haha thanks kennis, nahh you'll have to wait til the formal :)


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