Friday, April 13, 2012

Shen Yun

Saw an amazing supercalifragilisticexpialidocious show, Shen Yun the other night at Regent Theatre.  This is their 6th tour to Australia and everytime they come, it is absolutely fantastic!  Oh and don't worry, this isn't some shitty show from mainland China, they are based in New York, which is also where most of the big shows are found; last year's post on the show here, and more about Shen Yun here.

couldn't find the Melbourne poster, but here's the Sydney poster
What I love about this show is how they have animated backdrops and combines it with what's going on onstage, which I've never seen in other shows; it's as if you're watching a movie or drama but on stage!!
my outfit for that night:
 Coat: Honey Bunch
Dress: Bershka
Collar: Be Radiance
Loafers (not shown): Wittners

Be sure to get your ticket to this amazing show! I think mum's going to take me again to one of their last shows before they go to perform at Canberra and Sydney (the last show in Melbourne is on the 15th of April), so don't miss out on this magnificent show!!!


  1. Replies
    1. I think we bought the $130 ticket soo goood

    2. that's more than $50.. o__o would've thought it'd be around that price. i see.. HAHA. hey, today's the 15th! have fun! :D

    3. the cheapest was $60, then again it's 1st class haha


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