Thursday, April 26, 2012

Japan: Day 5 - Kiyomizu Temple *pic heavy*

Continuing with my Japan posts, because we don't have school today due to parent teacher interviews
(ஐ╹◡╹)ノ  This will be picture story about a few temple's around Kyoto.  Emma was our 'tour guide' and took us to many places around Kyoto, she had studied at my school for a few years before going back to Japan so we met up, and it was good to she her after about 2-3 years.

waiting for the bus to Kiyomizu-dera
 pretty kimono

 One of those manual cart things

Famous Kyoto radishes

with Emma
we were still half way there despite the 15min or so walk

 Apparently its going to be a bad year for:
females turning: 18, 32, 36
males turning: 24, 41, 60

 Little buddha's with aprons?

Amazing dango, matcha etc

SNOW!! my first sight of snow (இдஇ`。)

 I had tempura udon, and the prices were so cheap!

Samurai puppy :3

A very busy matsuri nearby

 Another temple that was hosting the 'Coming of Age Day' - 成人の日

We then took the bus back to Kyoto station, then mum and I had a delicious dinner in some restaurant on the sixth floor of Yodabashi, it was a very busy day with heaps of walking around the grand Kiyomizu-dera.

I'll be back with more posts about my Japan trip next time! 
Thanks for reading


  1. lovely photos! ^p^
    ahhhh are you ever going to do a japan post on shibuya, harajuku or akiba? T__T
    i miss those places sighh

    1. yes i will, once I finish the kyoto ones :3

  2. Soo nice! I really like the samurai dog, haha!
    Everything looks so pretty and antique. And the food looks amazing!

    1. haha lots of people were taking photos of him
      its a lovely and traditional city :)

  3. soo many nice pictures of traditional japan!There are so many reasons for visiting Japan :D

    1. It's lovely how they're are still perfect

  4. Nice pictures. Koyoto is really amazing even with the modern age they re still giving importance to tgeir culture. i hope i can visit someday hehe.

  5. i'm glad you got to enjoy a day off. the food looks delicious

    1. thanks, looking back at the pictures makes me drool haha

  6. So many beautiful pics from a country I'd love to visit ! Kisses

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    1. thank you vale, I want to visit Japan again sometime

  7. AHHHH this post makes me want to visit japan even moreee now!! I'm new to your blog so im really looking forward to all your post :D

    karen xo


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