Thursday, April 26, 2012

Japan: Day 5 - Kiyomizu Temple *pic heavy*

Continuing with my Japan posts, because we don't have school today due to parent teacher interviews
(ஐ╹◡╹)ノ  This will be picture story about a few temple's around Kyoto.  Emma was our 'tour guide' and took us to many places around Kyoto, she had studied at my school for a few years before going back to Japan so we met up, and it was good to she her after about 2-3 years.

waiting for the bus to Kiyomizu-dera
 pretty kimono

 One of those manual cart things

Famous Kyoto radishes

with Emma
we were still half way there despite the 15min or so walk

 Apparently its going to be a bad year for:
females turning: 18, 32, 36
males turning: 24, 41, 60

 Little buddha's with aprons?

Amazing dango, matcha etc

SNOW!! my first sight of snow (இдஇ`。)

 I had tempura udon, and the prices were so cheap!

Samurai puppy :3

A very busy matsuri nearby

 Another temple that was hosting the 'Coming of Age Day' - 成人の日

We then took the bus back to Kyoto station, then mum and I had a delicious dinner in some restaurant on the sixth floor of Yodabashi, it was a very busy day with heaps of walking around the grand Kiyomizu-dera.

I'll be back with more posts about my Japan trip next time! 
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Monday, April 23, 2012


From the title you may be thinking that I'll be talking about foods that are saturated with fat or oil, however it'll be a bit about how the school 3km cross country (fun run) turned out to be.
According to the weather forecast this morning, it said it would be a top of 20 degrees with showers, so I expected a little drizzle like last year, however half way through the fun run the weather seriously changed

Yes this is Melbourne, four seasons a day
Found a similar picture to describe it, but imagine hail, rain and thunderstorms altogether, not to mention that you were running on tracks with minimal shelter except for a few bridges about every 1km apart or so and trees that offered absolutely no help either.
So everyone in the school ended up literally looking like wet dogs as we were 100% soaked from top to bottom that shivered uncontrollably on the way back to school, and I'm pretty sure that about half of the school won't be attending school tomorrow due to colds.

what we had to run in (stolen from facebook hehe)

But overall it was the best and worst last fun run, many of us year 12s saw little year 7s screaming and running for the non-existant shelter when the thunder broke haha, but we all got drenched to the point where the coldness of the weather could be felt in our bones (φ╻φ;) Winter's finally heading our way, so it's time to dig out those warm clothes Melbournians~

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Time to Halt

Sorry for the lack of updates, because I am back to my second term of school and already we're getting SACs and assignments, but this weekend I had absolutely no homework, which means time to blog!!!

Since my formal (similar to a prom) is coming up I needed pumps to go with my dress which I already have, I was tossing between white or beige shoes and decided to go with beige pumps since they're easier to mix and match with (and dirt or marks are less noticeable), so I bought these 'Halt' nude/beige pumps from Wittners, oh I love that store, I think it's my fourth or fifth pair from there in less than two years (´・౪・`)

These heels are have a 9cm heel and a platform of 2cm, with these heels on I'm around 173cm, wow I sound so tall haha.  Usually I wear size 38 from Wittners, but this pair I got these 'Halt' heels in size 37 because it's a bigger make according to the sales assistant.
*So make sure to try heels on before buying them online because they may be bigger on smaller depending on the style

And because I'm a member of the VIP soul club *sticks nose in the air*, normally I get 10% off full priced shoes, so these heels would've cost me $134.95 (originally $149.95) but with some 'rocktail' campaign I got an extra $20 off weew, so these were only $114.95 and full leather aswell (೨♛‿♛೨)

Can't wait 'til the formal which is in less than a month's time!!~

Nothing interesting these days, but it's going to be 'fun run' tomorrow which is when the whole school has to run 3km under the 25 minute limit, with my new Asics runners I bet I can make it within the limit but it's probably going to rain tomorrow...just hope it doesn't

'Til next time, byee~

Friday, April 13, 2012

Shen Yun

Saw an amazing supercalifragilisticexpialidocious show, Shen Yun the other night at Regent Theatre.  This is their 6th tour to Australia and everytime they come, it is absolutely fantastic!  Oh and don't worry, this isn't some shitty show from mainland China, they are based in New York, which is also where most of the big shows are found; last year's post on the show here, and more about Shen Yun here.

couldn't find the Melbourne poster, but here's the Sydney poster
What I love about this show is how they have animated backdrops and combines it with what's going on onstage, which I've never seen in other shows; it's as if you're watching a movie or drama but on stage!!
my outfit for that night:
 Coat: Honey Bunch
Dress: Bershka
Collar: Be Radiance
Loafers (not shown): Wittners

Be sure to get your ticket to this amazing show! I think mum's going to take me again to one of their last shows before they go to perform at Canberra and Sydney (the last show in Melbourne is on the 15th of April), so don't miss out on this magnificent show!!!

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