Monday, March 12, 2012

Oriental Spoon

Had a birthday dinner last week at Oriental Spoon in the city, never been there myself but I've heard a few good reviews on it. Oriental Spoon is a Korean and Japanese restaurant situated really close to the State Library, when we arrived the restaurant was nearly full (but we booked before hand so we were safe) quite a lot people even had to wait outside; definitely signifies a great restaurant.

The 12 of us ordered food a range of food, from dumplings to bulgogi and the food was delicious! And for some of you who think Korean cuisine only consists of spicy things, the beef we had was actually sweet!
After eating delicious food, we headed down to the State library to give Kelly her present; which she was amazed with. Some of us stayed to watch the fireworks at the Moomba festival, but I trained home with a few friends.

Not to forget my hilarious train ride to the city. On my carriage there was a lady with a dog pram, thought these only exists in Asia but I was wrong.

see if you can spot the two dogs

When the lady got off the train, an old man got on the train with the happiest smile I've ever seen on an old man, and told the ones around him 'I guess she's taking the fur kids for a walk', haha this made everyone in the carriage laugh.

I'll try to update more often, but I'm in my last year of high school so sometimes I have heavy work loads, so thanks for understanding~

Boom shakalaka everyone haha


  1. Ooo Oriental Spoon looks super yummy :D

  2. I've never heard of a Korean and Japanese restaurant xD, sounds interesting. I know right, school is just ugh.

    1. neither, but it was a nice combination
      haha yes T^T

  3. i havent had oriental spoon in ages! =o i remembered it to be really nice haha
    i dodnt even know in asia some people carry their dogs in prams .__." LOL ive only seen those purses.

    1. I want to go again! it's so yummy
      saw quite a few dog prams in japan lol

  4. LOL a dog in a pram!! I've never seen that in my life before but how funny xD I can only spot one though...

    Yay K-pop ^.^ I'm happy when I see K-pop on a blog post hehe~ Boom shakalaka <3

    1. LOL i thought they only existed on asian, theres a black one on the edge of the pram and a yellowy one inside the pram
      haha gotta love k-pop, boom shakalaka all the way~

  5. wow a dog pram! ive never seen one :p the food looks delicious :0


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