Friday, February 3, 2012

Review: Dolly Wink eyeshadow #01 sweet dolly

Just a review on the Dolly Wink eyeshadow in #01 sweet dolly which I bought back from Japan, so this is not a sponsored review.

cute case cover design

Although the case of the eyeshadow is quite cheap, the eyeshadow itself is pretty good

I misplaced the packaging of the eyeshadow, but basically it was just a small tutorial on how to use the 4 eyeshadow colours, like below:

very light swatches:
with flash

in daylight

Even though I swiped the eyeshadow palettes very lightly, I still got this much colour (highly pigmented):051:The good thing about these eyeshadows, is that they contain glitter, instead they contain micro shimmer, which gives off a satiny finish.

Wearing the 4 eyeshadow colours along with dolly wink #02 lashes, bottom lashes, maybelline mascara, liquid eyeliner

- highly pigmented
- micro shimmer instead of glitter
- long lasting
- small and lightweight palette
- goes on very smooth
- great for day and night looks

- cheap case, plastic
- applicator is cheap and useless
- a little pricey

Overall: 8.5/10
hope you liked this review~


  1. i want to buy this quad, but it is quite pricey here in the states.

  2. best. eyeshadow. palette. ever.

  3. @AtomicNony
    it's also quite pricey here in Australia, but you could always try finding a store online?

  4. I have no idea why I haven't been on your blog in ages Dx !

    But ooh, the eyeshadow looks so pretty *___*!! I totally want it nowww

  5. @Melody
    haha busy with uni I guess :)
    get it get it :3

  6. I like this quad a lot too, though I think I do agree with your cons easily. Nevertheless is pretty useful for regular daily wear!!

  7. Ah I finally found your blog .___.'' I think I had the link awhile ago and lost it? I don't know blah but back on the topic, the quad looks super cute. I always wanted to try the dolly wink eyeshadows but I have way too many nude palettes maybe when I finish my other ones I'll buy this.

  8. @vonny
    haha probably because I changed my url some time ago.
    I don't use much eyeshadow but after buying this I think i'll use it more, and yes you should get it, it's cute and quite worth it :)

  9. Cute! I like the package. I barely use eyeshadow though.

  10. @Stace
    same! I use eyeliner more than eyeshadow :3

  11. I love this palette! It's so natural and cute >.<

    I tagged you here!

  12. I've wanted this but it's too expensive :(

  13. @Vyvy
    didn't find it too expensive, since things in australia are already quite pricey haha

  14. i likve the heart glass part of the casing and the eye make up looks great on you :)

  15. these are pretty! i haven't tried any dolly wink eyeshows yetbut think i'll have to now!

    1. these are my first dollywink eyeshadows too, and I think i'm already in love with it~


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