Monday, February 20, 2012

My first Glossybox

Last week I receieved my Glossybox which is Australia's version of Birchbox, I'm pretty sure many of you have heard of these boxes which are filled with a few products/samples from a range of brands (including some premium ones). Here's a bit about the Glossybox's:
  • These boxes made monthly
  • $14.95 a box permonth
  • Contain 5 samples/full-sized products (beauty, skincare or haircare)
  • The items are mystery before receiving the box

I have heard about Glossybox's in Australia for a few months now, but that fact that they are $14.95 per box each month and the products inside are unknown made it a bit hard for me to decide whether I should get one or not. But after reading Jen's post on Glossybox, and a special $7 deal for their February (Valentine's day edition) box, I thought that I would be a great time to try it out for less than half price:016:

lovely outer design

and inside were the hidden goodies

along with a bit of information about some of the products inside

- 2 vouchers
- handy nail files
- Carmex moisture plus lip balm
- Palmer's skin therapy oil
- Face of Australia lipstick in starlight
- Proactiv deep cleasing wash sample
- love heart shapes candy (for valentines day haha)

Overall I quite like the concept of receiving unknown samples or full sized products in the mail, however it would be better if they lowered the price to under $10 a box/month.
I am very pleased with Palmer's 'skin therapy oil' because I can save myself some money from buying a bottle of bio-oil as my vitamin E oil was running out, as for the nail files, lipstick and lip balm I am quite pleased with and I will end up using, except for the sample of Proactiv which is a bit strong for my normal skin, but I can probably use it on days when I break out really badly.

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