Monday, January 23, 2012

Japan: Day 2

New Years in Japan, and what's better than Fukubukuro (福袋) :033: shopping?
Fukubukuro is also known as 'lucky bags', 'mystery bags' or 'happy bags' which usually start selling around the New Year; basically it's when bags, suitcases, tins or something along those lines are filled with unknown random items from that particular shop, and usually the fukubukuro bags are 50% or more off the list items, bargain:051:

So that day I headed down to the Shinsaibashi OPA which was just a 15-20 minute walk from my hotel, luckily I arrived there when the sales had just started. My first stop was WC :047: bought their 10,500yen fukubukuro, I'm really glad the staff-kun handed me one without a box, because I heard they were also giving out shoes and I wouldn't want a pair of size S-M shoes that I can't fit into, so thanks staff-kun :003: . Saw many people buying the gigantic INGNI fukubukuro but I had no idea what was inside, so I just ended up buying the one WC fukubukuro:030:
- fukubukuro bag
- WC beanie
- 'Japan' headband
- 'Japanese Girl 1984' jumper (limited to the fukubukuro)
- 'Christmas (元旦)' socks
- flared jeans
- 'Japan welcomes you (日本欢迎您)'cardigan
- underwear, lol
- 'Cut it out, give me a break!' t-shirt
- kuma-tan dressed up as a dragon sticker

The best thing I found about fukubukuro shopping in Osaka is that you don't need to line up for ages like in Tokyo.

Next was shopping around Shinsaibashi and Donki (Don Quijote), inside Donki:
so colourful right?

gets from Donki:
- balance/slimming slipers
- incanto perfume
- candydoll lipstick in apricot beige
- diamond nose makeup
- candydoll concealer in no.1
- dollywink lashes in no.11
- dollywink eyeshadow in no.1 sweet dolly

and a Rilakkuma kigurumi:016:
keeps you really warm and cute

also had our first dinner from a convenient store lol, if I closed my eyes and ate this I would have thought it was from a restaurant, and for the price less than 1000yen! amazing value, but I still prefer restaurants or cafes.

Til next time, じゃね(ja ne).


  1. I love what you got! I've never heard of stores giving out mystery boxes before, sounds cool :D <3 dolly wink, you even got the new eyelashes! Do a review on them in the future, I really want to know if it's worth all the hassle it is to get them...

  2. @LemonberryLulu
    Saw some it tin boxes, which was cool :)
    yes! i quite like the new lashes she designed, okay sure :3

  3. キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━!




  4. The WC fukubukuro looks like a fantastic payoff compared to past years!!!

  5. @Jenny
    Yeah, I think this year's had more items in it when compared to last years

  6. that's nice that u got the fukubukuro. I always want to get one but I couldn't stand the crowds so I always end up giving up to out shopping on the 1st :)

    rilakkuma kigurumi is so cute XD

  7. @Amelia
    yes the crowds, hectic, but it wasn't as bad as what I had expected
    thanks ^^

  8. I've always wanted to get my hands on one of those lucky bags! I wonder if I could get it from overseas..

  9. Why Malaysia doesn't sell fukubukuro? I love japan so much!!!

  10. @Chococcuro
    I'm pretty sure you can get them through online Japanese stores via shopping agents :)

  11. @Carrie
    I wish Australia had fukubukuro's too.
    Same! I wanna go back D:

  12. Ooh wow that Rilakkuma kigurumi is super adorable! I want one!

  13. @Tulip Love
    thank you, everyone's been telling me that :)

  14. OH MY GOD Im so jealous of your fukubukuro!! All the contents were great too :D


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