Thursday, January 19, 2012

Japan: Day 1 (Osaka)

Some of you may know that I just came back from my trip to Japan, so this will be a recap. I arrived on the night of the 30th, so most of this post will be about the 31th (New Years Eve).

こんにちは日本! Hello Japan!

Arrived at Kansai International Airport which is situated in Osaka, and it was also our first stop in Japan. Our hotel was really close to Dotonburi, literally a 3 minute walk which is where many famous food vendors and shops are.

* - * - * - * - *

The follow morning started with a quick breakfast at Sukiya (I think) because it was the only place we could find since most of the shops open after 10am:030: and the price was amazing, for only around 400yen, it was very filling too:012:

Around the Doutonburi Street area there were many places to explore, including places like Shinsaibashi-suji and Namba

some arcade along Doutonburi

The Glico Man :027:pocky mmm

Gets from that day (many Uniqlo items):
- Uniqlo chino pants
- Uniqlo heattech jeans
- Uniqlo heattech shorts
- Vanilla (Park by One Way) jumper
- Uniqlo heattech top

And why all these Uniqlo items?
Because their fit is amazing! When I buy bottoms in Australia/Western countries, they never fit me properly :042: the hip is either too loose or the thighs are too loose, but Uniqlo ones are perfect and the price is also very cheap, the chinos were about $20AUD, and the heattech jeans are around $50AUD.
Btw if you have Uniqlo in your country definantly go buy some heattech items; they keep you really warm, for example when I just arrive in Japan I had to wear stockings inside my jeans, but once I got these I didn't need the stockings anymore :044:

A short video of Doutonburi Street


  1. お帰りリスー!


    まぁー ε(´・◞౪◟・`三´・◞౪◟・`)з

  2. @megu
    I miss Osaka now D:
    It was around 6-10 degrees :)

  3. I love uniqlo! Wish they would open some american stores too :/ it's reminds me of ikea...but for clothes looks like you had fun on your first day >.< I <3 taking trips

  4. @LemonberryLulu
    yay, i've seen h&m there
    i love trips too

  5. @lissy
    that's bearable!! beijing gets in the minuses )':

    terrible brrrrr

  6. @megu
    brr lol but apparently when I was there, it wasn't Japan's actual winter so it was warmer

  7. Thanks for sharing!
    That food looks great!
    So do those outfits you bought for Uniqlo. All I have here is...SuperTarget xD

  8. @Chaitea
    I will wear those items when winter comes around.
    Super target sounds cool, we just have target.

  9. Uniqlo... I'm so jealous lol ;o; I really want to shop there XD

  10. Ehhh.. i need to try Uniqlo clothes NAO. I get what you mean about Western clothes not fitting right =/ lovely haul tho! looking forward to the rest of your recap on you Japan trip ^^

  11. @Jen
    I love Uniqlo, everything is so cheap there and their quality is amazing
    yay someone else who has the same problem with western clothes haha, okayy :)

  12. *____*
    I want to go to Osakaaaa! Kansai dialect is like the best 8D! But yee, your uniqlo stuff look awesome :O I definitely want to go see their stuff ;_;

  13. @Melody
    i could not tell the difference between the kansai and tokyo accent haha
    their stock is mostly basics but really good quality ones :)


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