Monday, January 23, 2012

Japan: Day 2

New Years in Japan, and what's better than Fukubukuro (福袋) :033: shopping?
Fukubukuro is also known as 'lucky bags', 'mystery bags' or 'happy bags' which usually start selling around the New Year; basically it's when bags, suitcases, tins or something along those lines are filled with unknown random items from that particular shop, and usually the fukubukuro bags are 50% or more off the list items, bargain:051:

So that day I headed down to the Shinsaibashi OPA which was just a 15-20 minute walk from my hotel, luckily I arrived there when the sales had just started. My first stop was WC :047: bought their 10,500yen fukubukuro, I'm really glad the staff-kun handed me one without a box, because I heard they were also giving out shoes and I wouldn't want a pair of size S-M shoes that I can't fit into, so thanks staff-kun :003: . Saw many people buying the gigantic INGNI fukubukuro but I had no idea what was inside, so I just ended up buying the one WC fukubukuro:030:
- fukubukuro bag
- WC beanie
- 'Japan' headband
- 'Japanese Girl 1984' jumper (limited to the fukubukuro)
- 'Christmas (元旦)' socks
- flared jeans
- 'Japan welcomes you (日本欢迎您)'cardigan
- underwear, lol
- 'Cut it out, give me a break!' t-shirt
- kuma-tan dressed up as a dragon sticker

The best thing I found about fukubukuro shopping in Osaka is that you don't need to line up for ages like in Tokyo.

Next was shopping around Shinsaibashi and Donki (Don Quijote), inside Donki:
so colourful right?

gets from Donki:
- balance/slimming slipers
- incanto perfume
- candydoll lipstick in apricot beige
- diamond nose makeup
- candydoll concealer in no.1
- dollywink lashes in no.11
- dollywink eyeshadow in no.1 sweet dolly

and a Rilakkuma kigurumi:016:
keeps you really warm and cute

also had our first dinner from a convenient store lol, if I closed my eyes and ate this I would have thought it was from a restaurant, and for the price less than 1000yen! amazing value, but I still prefer restaurants or cafes.

Til next time, じゃね(ja ne).

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Japan: Day 1 (Osaka)

Some of you may know that I just came back from my trip to Japan, so this will be a recap. I arrived on the night of the 30th, so most of this post will be about the 31th (New Years Eve).

こんにちは日本! Hello Japan!

Arrived at Kansai International Airport which is situated in Osaka, and it was also our first stop in Japan. Our hotel was really close to Dotonburi, literally a 3 minute walk which is where many famous food vendors and shops are.

* - * - * - * - *

The follow morning started with a quick breakfast at Sukiya (I think) because it was the only place we could find since most of the shops open after 10am:030: and the price was amazing, for only around 400yen, it was very filling too:012:

Around the Doutonburi Street area there were many places to explore, including places like Shinsaibashi-suji and Namba

some arcade along Doutonburi

The Glico Man :027:pocky mmm

Gets from that day (many Uniqlo items):
- Uniqlo chino pants
- Uniqlo heattech jeans
- Uniqlo heattech shorts
- Vanilla (Park by One Way) jumper
- Uniqlo heattech top

And why all these Uniqlo items?
Because their fit is amazing! When I buy bottoms in Australia/Western countries, they never fit me properly :042: the hip is either too loose or the thighs are too loose, but Uniqlo ones are perfect and the price is also very cheap, the chinos were about $20AUD, and the heattech jeans are around $50AUD.
Btw if you have Uniqlo in your country definantly go buy some heattech items; they keep you really warm, for example when I just arrive in Japan I had to wear stockings inside my jeans, but once I got these I didn't need the stockings anymore :044:

A short video of Doutonburi Street

Saturday, January 14, 2012


last day in tokyo today, leaving on a flight back home tonight D;
going to miss Japan heaps, especially their fashion, food and nightlife.
I will come visit you again Japan o(^▽^)o

Monday, January 9, 2012

short post in Tokyo

currently in my shinjuku hotel now :)
apparently today was some public holiday for people who turn 20 this year (20 means adulthood in Japan), so there were many girls dressed in gorgeous kimonos (^O^☆♪.
There were also candidates, I guess for the next election shouting thought their microphones today at shibuya station LOL
not much happened today but nightlife in Tokyo is crazyyy

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

first post from Japan

first update from my iPod here in Kyoto, couldn't get onto the wifi in the Osaka hotel(−_−;)
But today I finally met up with my friend whom I haven't seen in about 3 years and together we visited the famous kiyomizuderu shrine and Gion which is known for their geishas and maikos (didn't see any though). also had some awesome mochi like sweets and 美味しい matcha tea (^O^☆♪
and tomorrow we'll be visiting the kinkakuji shrine.

that's all for now :)
bye from Kyoto x

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