Thursday, December 1, 2011


Just a small review on some of the products I bought from Sasa that came in a few weeks ago.

Here's what I got:
- Shiseido ANESSA Perfect Sunscreen EX N SPF 50+ PA+++ here
- Feuki, Soothing Gel here
- Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner here

Now onto the reviews
ANESSA Perfect Sunscreen
Since the Australian sunrays are very strong, I always make sure that I am protected from it, so sunscreen is always the best answer for me. I used to use this product, but after remembering my Japanese friend using this sunscreen which is also by Shiseido, I decided to get one myself.

the consistancy was very milky, and is easily absorbed without leaving an oily feeling, and also has a soft scent. But the best thing is that my skin really didn't burn or anything, unlike many of the Banana Boat products I have used that still make me burn alittle. Although it is a bit hard to remove, a strong cleanser will do the job :)
It is quite pricey, but for the quality it's totally worth it! 4.8/5

Fueki Soothing Gel

Was immediately sold to this product because of its cuteness, and because I needed an after-sun product, I found it quite helpful with the spatula that was provided as you could 'dig' out the soothing gel. Doesn't really have a scent but it does sooth my skin without a great cooling sensation which is nice, and also keeps my skin moisturised.
It's a 4/5 from me

Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner
I love Tsubasa's designs I finally grabbed my hands on one of her eyeliners which I have been out of stock for ages on Sasa. Just like the many reviews I have read on this eyeliner, it really is amazing just like my Koji Linequeen. The tip is very thin and draws very precise yet dramatic lines, which can also be easily removed with water which is a plus. Haven't found any problems with liquid eyeliner yet, 5/5 :)

Thanks for reading~


  1. the eyeliner is good in terms of colour and application. but i find it doesn't last long - when exposed to water/moisture it runs off easily :(

  2. @kristy
    really? i find it works fine for me :)

  3. dolly wink's eyeliner is the best imo ;3; glad you got it bebe xxxx

  4. @megu
    thanks! the packaging, quality omg its great :3

  5. I purchased the liner too .. but have yet to take it out of it's packaging (too cute for it's own good i swear) but my friend also has it and says its REALLY waterproof and a great liner :D

  6. @Jen
    haha didn't want to take it out of the packaging either u_u; too cute~
    best eyeliner i've used :DD


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