Friday, November 4, 2011

taobao #2

Received my taobao haul which I had ordered a few weeks ago, it's also my second time ordering via an agent, and I used taobaofocus, must say that I have never been disappointed with their service, great agent:019: but usually I just get my relatives to buy them for me when they're in China.
Even though shipping fees can be quite expensive, but the items themselves are way cheaper than what you buy here in Australia, so it balances out~
In total I bought 5 items which rounds up to about $20-25 per item including shipping.

First up, a Liz Lisa lace blouse
fell in love with this blouse at first sight, and the quality is superb, but it doesn't have the Liz Lisa tag on it so it is most likely a replica. I would give this blouse a 5/5

a Wakatsuki Chinatsu kumatan knitted jumper
quite similar to the authentic WC jumper except for the cut off kumatans close to the neck, but the quality is still good, so I would give it a 4/5

an Allamanda poncho
looks exactly like the image shown on the site, and the quality is fabulous too, but then again there's no tag, so it's probably some extras from a factory that produces for Allamanda, and it's a 5/5 from me

and now onto the 2 bags,
a Wakatsuki Chinatsu kumatan tote
very cute kumatan, and what's better than having his face on a tote? really spacious and durable too, a 5/5 from me

and last but not least, my favourite item from this haul,
the retro inspired bag that I have been longing for~

not only is the quality amazing, but the design is omg it's a 3-way bag! from a handbag, to a shoulder bag, and then to a retro backpack!!!! loved the one who designed this, not to mention the many compartments it contains and the zip inside the bag which keep your belongings safer~
seriously I LOVE this bag! a 7/5 from me LOL

That's all, but feel free to comment below on any questions on queries you have on taobao, taobaofocus, or even the items that I bought.
Posts will also be published more frequently since school is technically over!! except for the few pre-VCE classes...


  1. yay for haul post!! ;o;)b
    haha you always get the most amazing stuff from taobao, i can ever bring myself to use taobao... since i'm all for legit stuff ;_;
    but i might consider since you say it's good hmmmm...
    and congrats on finishing school! you up to hang out anytime soon?

  2. @megu
    LOL true, but that bag was legit since I got it from their shop~
    still have classes though T^T but sure, anytime after x

  3. Thank you for this post.. I've been thinking for a while to do a Taobao order and now you've sold me :) I love all the things you purchased esp the Liz Lisa shirt ^___^ so cute <3

  4. @Jen
    haha, that's alright, hope you enjoy buying from taobao~
    yes the LL shirt is also one of my favourite items from this haul ^^


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